A clip of Louis C.K. talking about masturbation is being shared online following sexual misconduct allegations against him

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  • After five women accused Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct in a New York Times report, a clip about masturbation from C.K.’s show “Louie” began to circulate online.
  • In the clip, C.K. defends masturbation in a fictional Fox News debate. 
  • In the Times report, two women accuse C.K. of masturbating in front of them, while three other women accuse him of sexual misconduct related to masturbation. 


Five women came forward to accuse comedian Louis C.K. of sexual misconduct in a New York Times report published Thursday.

As the allegations surfaced, a segment from C.K.’s FX show “Louie” began to circulate on social media. In the clip, C.K. defends masturbation in a fictional debate on the former Fox News show, “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.”

Among three other allegations of sexual misconduct in the Times report, Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov, a Chicago-based comedy duo, said that Louis C.K. masturbated in front of them in an Aspen, Colorado hotel room after taking “all his clothes off.”  

In the “Louie” scene, C.K. is introduced by Gutfeld as “the only person” who “would defend masturbation,” in a televised debate with a woman who represents an anti-masturbation organization called “Christians Against Masturbation.”

“Well, I like it,” C.K. says of masturbation in the clip. “It’s easy, and it’s fun, and no one gets hurt.”

A number of Twitter users posted or referenced that “Louie” clip following the Times report.

Masturbation has been a recurrent theme throughout C.K.’s career in standup comedy and television.

In 2015, an article from Death and Taxes compiled a 27-minute supercut of C.K. referencing masturbation. An article from The Cut, published Thursday, also referenced 17 “creepy masturbation” jokes C.K. has made.

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