Rose McGowan says director Robert Rodriguez used her alleged rape by Harvey Weinstein as a 'tool for mind games' against her, but he denies it

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  • Rose McGowan wrote in an upcoming memoir, previewed by Vanity Fair, that director Robert Rodriguez used knowledge of her alleged Harvey Weinstein rape against her in the filming of 2007’s “Planet Terror,” which Weinstein produced.
  • Rodriguez denied McGowan’s claims in a statement to Business Insider, saying there were “some key factual errors” in McGowan’s account. 
  • Rodriguez said in October that he cast McGowan in “Planet Terror” to get back at Weinstein for the alleged rape.


In an upcoming memoir previewed by Vanity Fair, Rose McGowan wrote that Robert Rodriguez, her former romantic partner and “Grindhouse” director, used McGowan’s confiding in him about her alleged raped by Harvey Weinstein as a “tool for mind games” against her (as Vanity Fair described it).

McGowan wrote that Rodriguez used his knowledge of the alleged rape against her in a “Grindhouse” scene in which Quentin Tarantino, playing a character in Rodriguez’s half of the double-feature,”Planet Terror,” attacks McGowan’s character.

She wrote that Rodriguez then “sold our film to my monster,” meaning the Weinstein-owned Dimension Films.

Rodriguez denied McGowan’s claims in a statement to Business Insider on Thursday. He said there were “some key factual errors” in the Vanity Fair story and McGowan’s account, including that Weinstein’s Dimension Films had already begun funding “Planet Terror” at the time of shooting. 

“These inaccuracies may appear to put me at odds with Rose, but I have no quarrel with her,” Rodriguez wrote. “It’s when publications don’t fact check these basic things, you end up with something inaccurate that then has to be disqualified. And I don’t want to have to disqualify it because I agree with what Rose is trying to do overall, which is continue to push for change both in our industry and beyond.”

In October, Rodriguez said that he cast Rose McGowan in “Planet Terror” to get back at Harvey Weinstein for the alleged rape, which she had told him about. Rodriguez said Weinstein subsequently tried to “bury” the film, which had a tepid box office performance for Dimension Films.

In his statement on Thursday, Rodriguez said that he stood by his October statement. He added that the attack scene McGowan described was always in the script and that McGowan never expressed concerns with performing it.

Read Rodriguez’s full statement below:

“It is unfortunate that Vanity Fair reporter Evgenia Peretz did not reach out to me for comment or clarification, even after my widely reported statement in October 2017 regarding Rose McGowan and Harvey Weinstein. It is deeply disappointing that the fact checkers at publishing house HarperOne did not reach out to me either.  As a result, there are some key factual errors in the piece. 

These inaccuracies may appear to put me at odds with Rose, but I have no quarrel with her. It’s when publications don’t fact check these basic things, you end up with something inaccurate that then has to be disqualified. And I don’t want to have to disqualify it because I agree with what Rose is trying to do overall, which is continue to push for change both in our industry and beyond.

That said …

  • I did not sell the movie to the Weinsteins, they had a first look on my next project, and I owed them two more after that.  (Grindhouse, Spykids 4 and Sin City 2 fulfilled my obligations to them.)
  • I met Rose in April of 2005. The Weinsteins began funding Grindhouse by at least the first week of November of 2005 because I was shooting the fake Machete trailer for the film on November 16, 2005. I then started scouting locations and designing the production for Grindhouse with key crew members, hired and paid for by the Weinsteins, before Thanksgiving 2005.
  • Full preproduction on Grindhouse with the entire crew began on January 23rd 2006, and Principal Photography began on March 17, 2006. Rose began filming March 26, 2006. The point is that it was already an official Weinstein movie for at least 5 months before principal production even began on the Planet Terror segment of Grindhouse. There was certainly ample time for Rose to decide not to be in a film funded by the Weinsteins and reject the movie and the script before shooting ever began. And if she ever had a problem with making the movie for them I would have completely understood, changed the role, and cast someone else.
  • The scene described in the Vanity Fair article where the rapist taunts the character played by Rose (before she turns around and stabs him in the eye and kills him) was in every draft of the script since the first draft issued to cast and crew dated January 24, 2006. Furthermore, that very scene wasn’t even filmed until 5 months later, on June 28, 2006. Again, if there was any objection to the scene there was plenty of time to address it. It was never brought up as being an issue. In fact, the point of the scene was always to be empowering because it’s when her character turns the tables against her oppressors.”

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Trump says he won't do a deal on DACA without border wall, end to 'chain migration' and diversity visa lottery

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  • President Donald Trump said he believes legislation on the fate of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipients will be “terrific.”
  • But at the same time, he said any deal must include other immigration measures, such as a border wall and the elimination of the diversity visa lottery.

President Donald Trump on Thursday repeated his stance that any legislation that resolves the fate of hundreds of thousands of young, unauthorized immigrants must also include funding for a wall along the US-Mexico border and major changes to legal immigration categories.

But he also expressed optimism that Congress could hammer out a “spectacular” deal. Before a meeting on immigration with Republican lawmakers, Trump told reporters he believes “DACA is going to be terrific,” referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program which he is terminating on March 5.

“Any legislation on DACA must secure the border with a wall, it must give our immigration officers the resources they need to stop illegal immigration, and also to stop visa overstays, and crucially, the legislation must end chain migration. It must end the visa lottery. Dangerous,” Trump said.

“We’d love to take care of DACA but we’re only going to do it under these conditions.”

Trump’s insistence on the border wall in exchange for a deal on DACA is widely seen as a nonstarter. Democrats have been supportive of certain border security measures, but have stopped short of supporting a physical wall.

The talks come amid growing urgency for thousands of young immigrants whose DACA protections have already lapsed, or will do so after the program is fully phased out in March. 

An open letter signed by three former Homeland Security secretaries on Wednesday urged Congress to act by January 19 to allow a new program enough time to be properly implemented, and to minimize the harm done to immigrants whose lose their work authorization and protection from deportation in the meantime.

‘Chain migration’ and the diversity visa lottery

nyc truck attack halloweenTrump, in his remarks on Thursday, also railed against so-called “chain migration,” which broadly refers to immigration based on family ties instead of employment, and the diversity visa lottery, which he has targeted since the revelation that a suspected terrorist in New York City entered the US through the program years ago.

Trump has falsely accused countries several times of sending their “worst people” through the lottery program, and did so again on Thursday.

“They put down their probably worst people, who knows? But they’re not looking to get rid of their best people. They put their worst people in a hopper and we’re picking out the people, and then we find out what do we have?” he said. “It’s not a good situation. The lottery system, it has to be laughed at by other countries when they send these people in.”

In fact, countries don’t “send” the US anyone using the visa lottery program. Millions of prospective immigrants enter the lottery on their own each year, roughly 50,000 of which are randomly selected and given the typical security screenings and vetting before being permitted to enter.

Trump has already backed a bill, known as the RAISE Act, which would slash legal immigration by half over the next decade, in part by eliminating family-based immigration categories and the diversity visa lottery. But the bill is widely unpopular among both Republicans and Democrats.

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