Dr. Dre lost a trademark battle to a gynecologist in Pennsylvania called Dr. Drai

Dr. Dre

  • Dr. Dre has lost a trademark battle to a gynecologist called Dr. Drai, BBC News reports.
  • Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, filed a complaint in 2015 against Draion M. Burch, saying that Burch’s moniker would cause “confusion” for consumers.
  • Burch argued that consumers would be unlikely to confuse him with Young “because Dr. Dre is not a medical doctor.”
  • The US Patent and Trademark Office dismissed Young’s case in a ruling last week.

Dr. Dre lost a long-running trademark dispute this week to a Pennsylvania-based gynecologist who was looking to trademark the name Dr. Drai, BBC News reports.

Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, filed a complaint in 2015 against the gynecologist, Draion M. Burch, saying that Burch’s “Dr. Drai” moniker would cause “confusion” in the marketplace, as Burch intended to sell audio books and web seminars using the name.

But the US Patent and Trademark Office dismissed Young’s case in a ruling last week, saying that the music mogul failed to show how people would be misled into buying Burch’s products, according to the BBC. 

Burch argued in the case that consumers would be unlikely to confuse him with Young “because Dr. Dre is not a medical doctor nor is he qualified to provide any type of medical services or sell products specifically in the medical or healthcare industry.”

He also stated that an association with Young would be “a bad reflection on me as a doctor,” citing “misogyny and homophobic things” in Young’s rap lyrics, according to The Washington Post

Burch, whose website touts himself as “One of America’s Top Women’s Health Experts,” is the author of a book called “20 Things You May Not Know About the Vagina,” and the host of web seminars with titles like “What Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Making Babies.”

Young, the cofounder of headphone company Beats by Dre and a legendary producer and rapper, is currently working on new solo music to follow up his 2015 album “Compton.”

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'Scandal' and 'Criminal Minds' get biggest finale bumps in week 30 broadcast Live +7 ratings – TVbytheNumbers

Several shows had their season or series finales in the week of April 16. “Scandal” and “Criminal Minds” got the biggest delayed-viewing boosts.

Both shows grew by 0.8 points among adults 18-49 after seven days (1.3 to 2.1 for “Scandal”, 0.9 to 1.7 for “Criminal Minds”). A second episode of “Minds” leading into the finale also grew by 0.8.

“Criminal Minds” had the largest viewer boost among the finales, adding 3.35 million people within a week. “Jane the Virgin” had the the biggest percentage gains, more than doubling in both the 18-49 demo and total viewers.

Here are the broadcast Live +7 rankings for April 16-22, 2018. They include only first-run series and specials, not repeats.

Adults 18-49 – Total gain

RankShowNetL+SDL+77-day increase
7-day % increase
3GREY’S ANATOMYABC1.73.01.376%
CHICAGO PDNBC1.22.10.975%
8SCANDAL – FABC1.32.10.862%
CRIMINAL MINDS 10 p.m. – FCBS0.91.70.889%
CRIMINAL MINDS – 9 p.m. – SCBS1.01.80.880%
CHICAGO MEDNBC1.22.00.867%
LAW & ORDER: SVUNBC1.42.20.857%
STATION 19ABC1.11.80.764%
22AGENTS OF SHIELDABC0.41.00.6150%
SCORPION – FCBS0.71.30.686%
THE FLASHCW0.71.30.686%
NEW GIRLFOX0.61.20.6100%

Adults 18-49 – Percentage gain

RankShowNetL+SDL+77-day increase
7-day % increase
JANE THE VIRGIN – FCW0.20.50.3150%
7NEW GIRLFOX0.61.20.6100%
FOR THE PEOPLEABC0.51.00.5100%
ONCE UPON A TIMEABC0.40.80.4100%
12CHICAGO FIRENBC1.01.90.990%
13CRIMINAL MINDS – 10 p.m. – FCBS0.91.70.889%
14NCIS: NEW ORLEANSCBS0.81.50.788%
15SCORPION – FCBS0.71.30.686%
THE FLASHCW0.71.30.686%
18CRIMINAL MINDS – 9 p.m. – SCBS1.01.80.880%
22THE RESIDENTFOX0.91.60.778%
23GREY’S ANATOMYABC1.73.01.376%
24CHICAGO PDNBC1.22.10.975%
THE ORIGINALS – PCW0.40.70.375%

Viewers – Total gain

RankShowNetL+SD (000s)L+7 (000s)7-day increase
7-day % increase
2THE BIG BANG THEORYCBS1291217820490838%
3CHICAGO FIRENBC53909516412677%
4CHICAGO PDNBC662210622400060%
6YOUNG SHELDONCBS1166915556388733%
7CHICAGO MEDNBC630510148384361%
10NCIS: NEW ORLEANSCBS845812160370244%
12GREY’S ANATOMYABC694710347340049%
13CRIMINAL MINDS – 10 p.m. – FCBS53908744335462%
14CRIMINAL MINDS – 9 p.m. – SCBS59208968304851%
15LAW & ORDER: SVUNBC65779526294945%
16NCIS: LOS ANGELESCBS757510521294639%
17THE RESIDENTFOX43007190289067%
18MADAM SECRETARYCBS60608830277046%
19HAWAII FIVE-0CBS752010288276837%
20SCORPION – FCBS52257965274052%
21SCANDAL – FABC54688122265449%
22LETHAL WEAPONFOX35856022243768%
23STATION 19ABC54267844241845%
25THE CROSSINGABC40886400231257%

Viewers – Percentage gain

RankShowNetL+SD (000s)L+7 (000s)7-day increase
7-day % increase
2JANE THE VIRGIN – FCW5871197610104%
3FOR THE PEOPLEABC20363951191594%
AGENTS OF SHIELDABC16683162149490%
6THE FLASHCW18823428154682%
8CHICAGO FIRENBC53909516412677%
THE ORIGINALS – PCW969164267369%
13LETHAL WEAPONFOX35856022243768%
14THE RESIDENTFOX43007190289067%
17NEW GIRLFOX15802615103566%
19CRIMINAL MINDS 10 p.m. – FCBS53908744335462%
21CHICAGO MEDNBC630510148384361%
22CHICAGO PDNBC662210622400060%
23THE LAST MAN ON EARTHFOX1537243289558%
24THE CROSSINGABC40886400231257%

Source: The Nielsen Company.

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These are the 10 US states with the weakest gun laws in 2017

louisiana shooting

The US experienced another mass shooting on April 22, 2018 when a man entered a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee and opened fire, killing four people before a bystander heroically disarmed him. 

In terms of strict state gun laws, Tennessee falls in the middle of the pack, according to the Giffords Law Center’s Annual Gun Law Scorecard. In 2017, the Giffords Law Center ranked the state as having the 26th least strict gun laws in the US.

The Giffords Gun Law Scorecard’s methodology is based on nine different broad categories of laws, such as background checks, gun sales, and who can have a gun.

“We assign points to different policies … and they’re somewhat graduated based on the strength of the policy,” Laura Cutilletta, legal director at the Giffords Law Center, told Business Insider.

“We also take away points if a state has something particularly dangerous, like letting guns in bars,” Cutilletta said, adding that they then “add everything up, and we assign grades based on the points total.”

“Probably the most important part is we compare that to death rate in every state,” Cutilletta said, “and we find that there is a strong correlation between states with stronger gun laws and having lower gun death rates.”

Here are the 10 states with the weakest gun laws in 2017:

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10. Vermont

Gun death rate: 11 per 100,000 (36th lowest in the US). 

Cutilletta noted that Vermont might move up in the rankings, given that they just passed a number of stricter gun laws in 2018 already. 

9. Kentucky

Gun death rate: 17.5 per 100,000 (13th highest in the US). 

8. Louisiana

Gun death rate: 21.2 per 100,000 (3rd highest in the US). 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Cancel Bear vs. CBS, week 32: Final predictions for 'Criminal Minds,' 'Kevin Can Wait' and 7 other shows – TVbytheNumbers

The broadcast networks will present their 2018-19 lineups to advertisers the week of May 14. Ahead of that, the Bear makes his last predictions for renewal or cancellation for shows still in limbo. Nearly every such show will have its future determined in the next few days.

Per usual, CBS has already picked up a sizable number of shows. Odds for the remaining ones, featuring good chances for “Instinct” and “Life in Pieces” and bad ones for “9JKL” and “Superior Donuts,” are below. The “Status” column will be updated as decisions are announced.

ShowRenew/Cancel IndexRenewal chancesStatus
9JKL (O)0.2710%
Superior Donuts (O)0.1913%
Code Black (O)0.051%
Scorpion (O)0.1265%
Instinct (O)0.1167%
Criminal Minds (O)0.2975%
Man with a Plan (O)0.375%
Life in Pieces0.4280%
Kevin Can Wait (O)0.4890%

A couple of notes: As the Bear stated a couple weeks ago, he’s not wasting any mental energy on “Ransom.” There’s also no prediction for “Elementary,” which has just one episode in the books at posting time and is for all intents a summer show this year.

Already renewed: “The Big Bang Theory,” “Blue Bloods,” “Bull,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “MacGyver,” “Madam Secretary,” “Mom,” “NCIS,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “NCIS: New Orleans,” “SEAL Team,” “SWAT,” “Young Sheldon”

Already canceled: “Living Biblically,” “Me, Myself & I,” “Wisdom of the Crowd”


The Renew/Cancel Index is the amount above (or below) a replacement-level rating — i.e., the expected adults 18-49 rating of an emergency fill-in show should a series be canceled. For the 2016-17 season, replacement level is a 0.7 same-day rating in adults 18-49 for the Big 4 networks and a 0.2 for The CW. (Read more here.) The index number is taken by subtracting 0.7 (or 0.2) from a show’s average same-day rating.

Friday scripted shows (denoted with an “F” above) on the Big 4 have average ratings about 30 percent lower than those of other nights, therefore their ratings are multiplied by 1.43 (1/0.7, or 70 percent) before subtracting the replacement-level number. Any scripted show on Saturdays will use the same formula.

Shows that have ended their seasons have their R/C Index number frozen at the point of their final episode.

(O) – Owned: All other things equal, shows owned by studios affiliated with their networks have a better shot at renewal than those from outside producers.

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Eric Schneiderman Resigns as New York Attorney General Amid … – New York Times

Eric Schneiderman Resigns as New York Attorney General Amid Assault Claims by 4 Women

Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York attorney general, had assumed a prominent role in the #MeToo movement.CreditDrew Angerer/Getty Images

Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State attorney general who rose to prominence as an antagonist of the Trump administration, abruptly resigned on Monday night hours after The New Yorker reported that four women had accused him of physically assaulting them.

“It’s been my great honor and privilege to serve as attorney general for the people of the State of New York,” Mr. Schneiderman said in a statement. “In the last several hours, serious allegations, which I strongly contest, have been made against me.

“While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time. I therefore resign my office, effective at the close of business on May 8, 2018.”

His resignation represented a stunning fall for a politician who had also assumed a prominent role in the #MeToo movement.

[Read some of Eric T. Schneiderman’s own words in defense of women’s rights.]

Two of the women who spoke to the magazine, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, said they had been choked and hit repeatedly by Mr. Schneiderman. Both said they had sought medical treatment. Another woman, a lawyer, said she was slapped violently across the face. A fourth woman said she had similar experiences.

All the women in the article, who had been romantically involved with Mr. Schneiderman, said the violence was not consensual.

Mr. Schneiderman, 63, denied abusing the women, saying in a statement: “In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. I have not assaulted anyone. I have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line I would not cross.”

But not long after the allegations were made public, many of his allies, including Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who like Mr. Schneiderman is a Democrat, called for him to step down.

“My personal opinion is that, given the damning pattern of facts and corroboration laid out in the article, I do not believe it is possible for Eric Schneiderman to continue to serve as attorney general,” Mr. Cuomo said.

The call was echoed by Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, who led the charge to oust Al Franken from the Senate. “The violent actions described by multiple women in this story are abhorrent,” she said in a statement. “Based on this extensive and serious reporting, I do not believe that Eric Schneiderman should continue to serve as attorney general.”

Under New York’s Constitution, Mr. Schneiderman’s replacement will be selected by the State Assembly and Senate by joint ballot — effectively placing the decision in the hands of the Assembly, which has many more members.

The Assembly speaker, Carl E. Heastie, planned to discuss possible replacements on Tuesday, according to Michael Whyland, a spokesman for Mr. Heastie. Whoever is chosen to fill out Mr. Schneiderman’s term could then seek election in November.

No Democrat had declared an intention to challenge Mr. Schneiderman, who was up for re-election this year, in the primary; Manny Alicandro, a corporate lawyer from New York City, is running as a Republican and officially declared his candidacy on Monday.

Since 2017, Mr. Schneiderman had raised his profile nationally by taking on President Trump’s agenda repeatedly in the courts. He was pushing to change state law so that his office could prosecute Mr. Trump’s aides even if the president pardoned them; his resignation makes the status of that effort less certain.

Women’s issues had also been a focal point for Mr. Schneiderman, who had announced, for instance, a lawsuit against the company once run by the former filmmaker Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of decades of sexual misconduct. “We have never seen anything as despicable as what we’ve seen right here,” Mr. Schneiderman said then.

Ms. Manning Barish, in The New Yorker account, described being slapped by Mr. Schneiderman after they had both been drinking; she and Ms. Selvaratnam said several of the attacks occurred after alcohol had been consumed.

“It was horrendous,” she said. “It just came out of nowhere. My ear was ringing. I lost my balance and fell backward onto the bed. I sprang up, but at this point there was very little room between the bed and him. I got up to try to shove him back, or take a swing, and he pushed me back down. He then used his body weight to hold me down, and he began to choke me. The choking was very hard. It was really bad. I kicked. In every fiber, I felt I was being beaten by a man.”

Debra S. Katz, a lawyer for Ms. Manning Barish, said that it was Mr. Schneiderman’s “fantasy and his fantasy alone that the behavior was welcome.”

Mr. Schneiderman, she continued, “has made a career railing against this type of abuse. Yet apparently he intends to revictimize these courageous women who have come forward by pulling out that age old sexist trope that they wanted it.”

Ms. Selvaratnam told the magazine that Mr. Schneiderman routinely drank to excess during their relationship, and that the physical abuse in bed got worse the longer she was with him. “We could rarely have sex without him beating me,” she said.

The abuse was also verbal and emotional, she said. “He started calling me his ‘brown slave’ and demanding that I repeat that I was ‘his property.’”

Both Ms. Manning Barish and Ms. Selvaratnam have in recent days repeatedly declined to comment when reporters for The New York Times asked them to address the allegations.

“After I found out that other women had been abused by Attorney General Schneiderman in a similar manner many years before me, I wondered, who’s next, and knew something needed to be done,” Ms. Selvaratnam said in a statement released Monday night. “So I chose to come forward both to protect women who might enter into a relationship with him in the future but also to raise awareness around the issue of intimate partner violence.”

Ms. Manning Barish followed the article’s publication with a post on Twitter, saying that she “could not remain silent and encourage other women to be brave for me.”

Mr. Schneiderman’s former wife said she was taken aback by the allegations being leveled against him.

“I’ve known Eric for nearly 35 years as a husband, father and friend,” said Jennifer Cunningham, his ex-wife and frequent political strategist. “These allegations are completely inconsistent with the man I know, who has always been someone of the highest character, outstanding values and a loving father.”

Mr. Schneiderman has long been regarded as one of the state’s most progressive politicians, even before his 2013 lawsuit against Trump University and his subsequent suits against the Trump administration made him the darling of the political left. Last fall, Mr. Schneiderman’s office proudly pointed to a segment on the late-night comedy show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” in which the attorney general was described as “a hero who stood up to democracy’s nemesis,” a Superman-like character known as Schneider-man.

His credentials as an advocate for women, in particular, had gone unquestioned.

In 2010, as a state senator from Manhattan, he introduced a bill to make intentional strangulation to the point of unconsciousness a violent felony. That same year, the National Organization for Women’s New York branch endorsed him in his successful bid for attorney general, citing his “unmatched work” in “protecting women who are victims of domestic abuse.”

For several years, his office has published a “Know Your Rights” brochure for victims of domestic violence. “We must recognize that our work keeping New Yorkers safe from domestic violence is far from over,” Mr. Schneiderman said in the announcement for the 2016 brochure.

At the direction of Governor Cuomo, he was reviewing the 2015 decision by the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., not to prosecute Mr. Weinstein after an Italian model accused him of groping her.

Mr. Vance’s office released a statement late Monday, saying that it had “opened an investigation into the recently reported allegations concerning Mr. Schneiderman.”

Some national Republicans were gleeful at the allegations. The Republican research shop America Rising quickly packaged Mr. Schneiderman’s ties to other prominent national Democrats.

Also on Monday evening, Mr. Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. dug up an old tweet from Mr. Schneiderman in which he said, “No one is above the law” and tweeted at him, “You were saying???”

On Monday afternoon, a criminal defense lawyer from Lankler Siffert & Wohl advised Mr. Scheiderman as he sought to respond to The New Yorker, two people with knowledge of the matter said. Later in the day, one of Mr. Schneiderman’s associates contacted several other law firms in an effort to retain a lawyer to represent him in connection with the criminal investigation, according to several people briefed on the matter.

Reporting was contributed by Ellen Gabler, Shane Goldmacher, Jesse McKinley and William K. Rashbaum.

A version of this article appears in print on , on Page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: Reports of Abuse Spur Resignation of Schneiderman. Order Reprints | Today’s Paper | Subscribe

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