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Criminal Minds Recap 12/05/18: Season 14 Episode 9 "Broken Wing"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama Criminal Minds returns with an all-new Wednesday, December 5, 2018, season 14  episode 9, called “Broken Wing,” and we have your weekly Criminal Minds recap below. On tonight’s Criminal Minds episode season 14 episode 9 as per the CBS synopsis, “A professor from Lewis’ past tips off the BAU to an alarming number of overdose deaths of patients who just completed rehab.

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Someone reached out to Dr. Tara Lewis about a strange spike in questionable opiate overdoses on tonight’s all-new episode of “Criminal Minds”.

The person that contacted Lewis was her ex-husband. Dr. Daryl White suffered from his own addiction in the past and he would be the first to mention how quickly someone relapses after leaving rehab, but the cases he found were about people that died from a heroin overdose and heroin wasn’t listed as any of the victims’ drug of choice. The victims had all sought treatment for something else. Like cocaine or methamphetamines! They weren’t heroin users and so to relapse with something they weren’t used to nor knew how to control was the reason the cops had ruled these deaths as accidental overdoses. And so it was only Daryl thought different.

Daryl was in recovery and has since remarried however he knew what he was talking about and so Lewis decided to open an investigation. She filled in her team with what she knew and they later flew out to the scene. They thought they could take another look at the seven people that died and as luck would have it they got a fresh one. A woman by the name of Bonnie Sullivan died of an apparent overdose and she was killed by heroin when her drug of choice was meth. It seemed suspicious and so they ran a tox screen. The medical examiner found a sedative in Bonnie’s blood and there weren’t any opiates in her system.

It didn’t make sense until Darryl said he might know why someone wasn’t showing up on the tox screen. He remembered when Lewis had tested him and he passed because he used certain chemicals. The chemicals come from China. There were normal rules about what they could or could sell in the United States and people found ways around that by changing just one little thing in the chemical makeup. It meant it wouldn’t show on normal drug tests and so the medical examiner did the test again. He found on his second-go-around that the drugs that killed Bonnie were a unique mix of everything.

The Unsub was numbing people and then killing them with his own concoction. He was smart enough to know that if he used his own drugs to kill people that no one would know what they were looking for or what he was buying to kill his victims. So it was murder! The Unsub later struck again and with the death of Clay Miller, he was now up to nine deaths. The team made sure they were first on the scene at Clay’s home and they noticed that the Unsub had a mistake with his latest victim. He had been about to kill Clay when Clay fought him and the Unsub had to smother him to death. It was a much more personal way to kill someone and so that one little change could begin to unravel the Unsub.

The Unsub had also taken to drawing on his victims. He left behind a tattoo created in UV pen of wings and so they were trying to figure out the why behind it. They thought that Clay’s rehab might help them shed on who might have had a problem with Clay and that’s when they came across Dr. Robert Smith. Smith owns the rehab facility and he didn’t think they needed to help the BAU. He said that Clay died because he was weak and that’s why he had been kicked out of the program yet that had been a lie. Clay had gotten kicked out because his insurance was only willing to pay for a month and so what Clay needed was a rehab that would understand why he was struggling. And the fact that Smith couldn’t see what had made the team suspicious.

They asked Garcia to run a background search on Smith and she found quite a few problems. She learned that Smith owned the facility that seven of the nine victims had used to get clean and that the man wasn’t even a doctor. He got a doctorate in business at an uncredited online university and so he didn’t want he was talking about when it came to rehabilitation. The closest thing he’s ever known about that was when he himself got clean after going to jail for assault. The team later confronted Smith what they found and he tried to run. Luckily, he didn’t make it far and so they arrested him for fraud. And they asked about his patients.

Smith knew that the game was up and he admitted that he used people as cash cows. He said that he didn’t try to help his clients because he wanted them to relapse in order to milk their insurance again and so he had no reason for wanting to kill his clients, but he might know who does. The team had read Clay’s sober diary and he mentioned a kind member of staff that said they’ll always be there for him. So the team went back to Smith to ask him about and unfortunately he had lawyered up by then. He knew that the team couldn’t touch him or his facilities because he would have real doctors checking in with the patients.

Smith walked right out of custody now that had his lawyer helping him and so he didn’t want to help anyone by turning over his payroll. The team had had to use another method. They realized the tattoo was one-half of an angel’s wings and so they questioned if the Unsub was tattoo the other half on himself. Once they figured that out, they had the profile of their Unsub. The Unsub was an Angel of Mercy. He thought he was helping his victims by killing them because he thought they would have relapsed eventually. It was typical that they were dealing with an Angel of Mercy. Those type of killers had the highest body count because it was easy to hide their victims as someone that died naturally.

The team followed the tattoo lead until they found a nurse. The nurse was Douglas Knight and he worked at various Smith’s facilities. He was there to comfort them when they needed a friend and sadly he drove one of Clay’s friends home that very same day, so they got the address for Molly Witt and they found Douglas as he was about to kill his next victim.

He would have gone ahead if Lewis hadn’t coached Prentiss. Prentiss talked about loving a husband who loved hid addiction more than her and how she had to let him go in the end even knowing that it could lead to him dying. And Douglas related.

Douglas’s wife had overdosed and he thought the others who he saw every day were suffering from the same thing, but it wasn’t the addiction that would have killed Molly and so Douglas handed her over.

And he turned himself in.

Meanwhile, Daryl had heard what Lewis said and he decided it was time to finally make amends for all that he put her through because she had meant something to him.


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5 Advantages of Becoming a Criminal Attorney – The National Law Review

Whether it’s a financial reward, a noble endeavor, the love of sheer excitement, below are just a few of advantages of becoming a criminal attorney.

1. A Noble Endeavor

“Every single day of my life I wake up thrilled that I have the honor of being a criminal defense lawyer.” This from attorney Don Murray in “Why Be a Criminal Defense Lawyer.” The job of a criminal defense lawyer is so very important in a civilized society that in the eyes of the founding fathers they recorded it into our very Bill of Rights in the Sixth Amendment – “and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.” Not too shabby.

Murray goes on to explain his second most favorite advantage of becoming a criminal attorney. Some of the nation’s greatest heroes were criminal defense attorneys, willing to stand up for people for whom nobody else would. He talks about past criminal defense attorneys such as Abraham Lincoln and John Adams.

Adams once defended a group of British soldiers who were accused of taking part in the “Boston Massacre.” As Murray so eloquently put it, Adams “believed that representing the soldiers in the murder trial would be highly unpopular, but he did it anyway. He believed that his future political career in America might be ruined by taking the job, but he did it anyway. He believed that his own personal safety might be in question if he took the job, but he did it anyway. John Adams demonstrated in his deeds commitment to his beliefs. It was an act of great Patriotism to defend those British soldiers, or at least so John Adams thought.” Adams won the case and in doing so helped to establish the United States as a nation that is committed to what we now consider to be basic human rights.

2. High Stakes Excitement

Many criminal attorneys love the sheer excitement in a winner-take-all, loser-loses-all situation. Another advantage of becoming a criminal attorney is because the high stakes venture gets the blood rushing. Evidently, one of the advantages of being a criminal lawyer is that it’s much more exciting to talk about a bank robbery than it is to discuss Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

3. A Darn Good Argument

good argument goes a long way to stimulating a criminal attorney’s mind. Especially when the argument must be well-reasoned, well-researched and well-organized. Most of the action in a lawyer’s work takes place outside of the courtroom and a criminal lawyer’s work is no exception. Where the well-prepared lawyer gets to wind it up and fire that dramatic pitch is in the courtroom, of course. But, it’s also in the office after a magnificent plea deal is agreed upon.

4. Defending the Constitution

In addition to the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, the Fourth Amendment assures the world that the United States will brook no unreasonable searches or seizures. Again, it is the duty and honor of criminal attorneys to ensure that proper police work is conducted in the effort to solve crimes and protect the people.

Without the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, we as a nation are a pretty toothless lot when it comes to defending the freedoms of her people. Stephen Handy, a former lawyer for the district attorney and current criminal defense lawyer, writes about his time as a DA thus, “But it didn’t take long to see sloppy police work and cases sitting on my desk where I did not believe the person was guilty of any crime. I also learned how easily someone can be arrested, charged, and convicted of a crime they didn’t commit.”

5. Defending the Person

Many criminal defense attorneys get asked why they make their livings defending criminals and getting them off scot-free. Even with our mighty Constitution and Bill of Rights, all too often assumptions are made that if a person is accused of a crime, they must actually be guilty of that crime.

Imagine, if you will, you hear a loud banging on your door at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. It’s the FBI and they have your home surrounded. They burst in through all the doors and start yelling that you are surrounded.

This can be described as being a very bad, very awful day in your life. Not only do your neighbors hate you, but many of your coworkers, friends, and family doubt you now for being guilty of a crime possibly more heinous than murder.

You are completely innocent. The FBI made a mistake. Your best and brightest hope is the lone criminal defense attorney. Even the DA, another criminal lawyer, is mindful that all the legal rules have been followed to a T.


A criminal lawyer is a lone person who is willing to stand up for the accused. And the duty and honor of standing up for the accused are just one of the many advantages of becoming a criminal lawyer.

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Artists are slamming the creators of ‘Fortnite’ for allegedly making money off of stolen dances, and one rapper says he plans to sue

Scrubs Fortnite

  • Rapper 2 Milly said he will sue the creators of “Fortnite” for allegedly copying his dance the “Milly Rock” and selling it in the game.
  • While 2 Milly has been the most vocal about the similarities of a “Fortnite” dance to existing work, several artists have accused the game’s creators of taking their dances without permission or pay.
  • “Fortnite: Battle Royale” is the world’s most popular game, making more than $200 million a month selling emotes and other cosmetic items for use in game.

Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly plans to sue “Fortnite” creator Epic Games for allegedly copying and profiting off of a dance he created, the “Milly Rock.” 

2 Milly has been vocal about his distaste for the game’s monetization of popular dances in interviews with Insider and CBS News. The “Milly Rock” dance originally arose in 2014 from the video for 2 Milly’s song of the same name, “Milly Rock.”

“Fortnite” added a dancing emote called “Swipe It” to the game in July 2018 that appears to be clearly inspired by the Milly Rock. For a time, players could unlock the dance through playing or by paying cash to level up the game’s Season 5 Battle Pass, but Swipe It can no longer be acquired in-game. Players who unlocked it before can still use it though.

“Fortnite: Battle Royale” is the world’s most popular game and has a massive audience that most artists can only dream of. While the game is free-to-play, the majority of its earnings come from the sale of emotes and other cosmetic items in-game. The game is currently generating more than $200 million a month in revenue and those emotes are available to more than 200 million registered players around the world, with no mention of the artists who inspired them.

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2 Milly isn’t the only artist claiming that the game turned their original dance into emotes for purchase in “Fortnite” without permission or pay. Rapper BlocBoy JB criticized the use of his “Shoot” dance in “Fortnite” and actor Donald Faison claimed that “Fortnite” lifted a dance he performed for the TV show “Scrubs” as the game’s default dance.

On Twitter, Chance the Rapper also suggested that Epic Games should find a way to compensate the creators behind the dances.

2 Milly’s case isn’t the only pending lawsuit Piece Bainbridge is bringing against Epic Games. The firm also claims that Epic used the likeness of former NFL player Len “Skip” Hamilton to create the character Cole Train for the Gears of War video game series. Pierce Bainbridge partner David L. Hecht claims that in both cases, Epic Games “misappropriated the likeness of African-American talent.”

Experts have been skeptical of whether artists can claim ownership over a dance, compared to the clear copyright laws that protect music and song lyrics, but it seems that won’t stop 2 Milly from pursuing his day in court.

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