Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Is This Ghost-Loving Blogger Our Unsub? – TV Guide

It’s a rare thing to see on Criminal Minds, but it looks like Wednesday’s new episode will feature a female unsub! And she loves to stab people.

TV Guide’s exclusive sneak peek of “Sick and Evil” features Courtney Mapley, a local blogger and “lore expert” in Lewiston, Maine, where the BAU’s latest case is taking place. People are being murdered in allegedly haunted houses by repeatedly being stabbed in the stomach. Courtney shows up at the BAU’s first crime scene to introduce herself and she’s just a little too enthusiastic that a violent crime has taken place in one of the town’s haunted houses.

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In another clip released by CBS below, the team announces that they are looking for a female unsub — female serial killers are rare — and that she is probably local and has extensive knowledge of the city’s lore. Um, hello? Apparently the killer is delusional and is trying to save the people living in the haunted houses by stabbing them 22 times in the stomach. That is so many times.

Is Courtney our unsub, inserting herself into the investigation as so many of our previous killers have done? Or is she just the team’s key to finding the real unsub?

Find out when Criminal Minds airs Wednesday at 10/9c on CBS.

(Disclosure: TV Guide is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of CBS Corporation.)

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GOP congressman plans legislation to stop lawmakers accused of sexual misconduct from misusing taxpayer funds

farenthold pic

  • A GOP congressman is introducing a bill called The BLAKE Act, with the sole purpose of stopping members of Congress from misusing their offices and its resources.
  • Rep. Mark Walker plans to bring on the legislation, Wednesday, that will save the US from seeing any more members of Congress taking up the work, money and opportunity that comes with a life in lobbying members of the House or Senate.
  • The bill is named for Blake Farenthold, the GOP congressman who used taxpayer dollars to settle a sexual misconduct claim, and then broke a pledge to return the money.
  • The bill would effectively block US lawmakers from getting into lobbying post-politics if they have paid off sexual harassment accusations with taxpayer funds without repaying the debts.

A GOP congressman is introducing a bill called The BLAKE Act, with the sole purpose of stopping members of Congress from misusing their offices and its resources.

Rep. Mark Walker, who serves the 6th Congressional District in North Carolina, plans to bring on the legislation, Wednesday. It’s expected to save the US from seeing any more former members of Congress taking up congressional lobbying, if they have not paid back taxpayer money used to settle sexual harassment settlements.

The bill is named for former Rep. Blake Farenthold, the GOP congressman who spent taxpayer dollars to settle a sexual misconduct claim, quit, and broke a pledge to return the money, and then took up work lobbying former workmates in Congress later that year. CNN reports he is not “lobbing at this time.”

The bill would effectively block US lawmakers from getting into lobbying post-politics if they have paid off sexual harassment accusations with taxpayer funds without repaying the debts.

Read more: Senate passes sexual harassment bill after months of dispute, and taxpayers will no longer foot the bill to settle harassment claims against members of Congress

The legislation to be introduced on Wednesday will reportedly be called The Bad Lawmakers Accountability and Key Emends or, or the BLAKE Act, named after the former Texas congressman.

“Sometimes in Washington, the irony of how things like that come together is amazing,” Walker told HuffPost.

In 2017, Farenthold promised to repay the almost $90,000 of taxpayer dollars used to settle the claim brought by his former communications director. Farenthold subsequently broke his pledge — to literally return by hand the money to then Speaker Paul Ryan — before quitting politics and taking up lobbying.

“I’m going to hand a check over this week to probably Speaker Ryan, or somebody, and say ‘look, here’s the amount of my settlement, give it back to the taxpayers,'” Farenthold told a local NBC News affiliate in April 2017.

He did not.

In December 2018, the Senate passed a bill that streamlines the harassment claims process and stops settlements from being paid for by taxpayer dollars.

SEE ALSO: Congress passes bill to make members pay sexual misconduct claims

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NOW WATCH: What will happen when Earth’s north and south poles flip

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Lewiston residents excited city will be featured on 'Criminal Minds' – WGME

CBS says the plot sends the behavioral analysis unit to Lewiston to investigate a string of murders taking place in haunted houses. (WGME)

LEWISTON (WGME) – Lewiston will be in the national spotlight this week.

The city will be featured on “Criminal Minds,” which airs on CBS 13.

The episode called “Sick and Evil,” is set to air this Wednesday at 10 p.m.

CBS says the plot sends the behavioral analysis unit to Lewiston to investigate a string of murders taking place in haunted houses.

CBS 13 stopped in Lewiston, where fans of the show say they’re excited.

“It is really cool, it’s exciting, nothing really happens here it’ll be a good thing that Lewiston could say,” Jesse Barros said.

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This Week's Criminal Minds Episode Will Be Set Where? –

According to the Portland Press Herald, this Wednesday's (Jan 30th) episode of the hit CBS thriller will be set in Lewiston!

The 14th season episode, called "Sick and Evil", will follow the BAU as they investigate someone killing people inside haunted houses.

This show just keeps getting better and better!  Even though I don't want to see it end, I want to see what kinds of crazy stuff they'll come up with for the 15th, and final, season.

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CBS' 'Criminal Minds' 'Sick and Evil' episode set in Lewiston – Biddeford Journal Tribune

Actor Joe Mantegna as David Rossi in Criminal Minds’ “Sick and Evil” episode airing next week and set in Lewiston. (Photo courtesy of CBS)

LEWISTON — This probably won’t make the tourism brochure.

CBS’s hit show “Criminal Minds” has set the 14th episode of its 14th season right here in Maine.

Its title? “Sick and Evil.”

CBS’s official episode description for the FBI crime drama:

“The BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) leads the investigation into a string of murders taking place in supposedly haunted houses in Lewiston, Maine.”

A show spokeswoman didn’t return a message Friday asking why Lewiston was chosen for the setting or whether it’ll be at all seen on the small screen.

“It’s a little harsh,” quipped comedian Mark Turcotte, who opened the local chamber awards dinner Thursday night. “Maybe limit the title to one word: ‘Sick’ or ‘Evil.’ . . . Someone get Joe Mantegna a Simones’ hot dog. He’ll change his tune real quick.”

Mantegna stars in the popular series.

It’s hardly Lewiston’s first turn in the TV spotlight. The city was featured in Stephen King’s “Kingdom Hospital” TV mini-series in 2004 with an eerie cast of characters.

Will “Criminal Minds” show any local landmarks? Will there be any attempts at a Maine accent? Will they get their man/woman/ghost?

Stay tuned.

The episode airs 10 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 30 on CBS.

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Criminal Minds Is Getting Supernatural Before Rossi's Big Wedding Finale – Cinema Blend

5 hours ago

Is it a good or bad sign when paranormal activity picks up before a wedding? David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) is about to find out. Criminal Minds will be getting supernatural in the penultimate episode of Season 14. A.J. Cook revealed the intriguing tidbit, saying:

As if that is not foreboding enough, the title of Season 14’s last episode before Rossi’s wedding is “Sick and Evil.” Never two adjectives you want preceding a TV wedding. What actress A.J. Cook (JJ) told TVLine offers an intriguing tease into what’s to come on Criminal Minds right before its season finale.

Based on what she said, it is unclear if the world of ghosts and spirits will be treated as legitimate, or if Criminal Minds will offer a practical answer to seemingly supernatural happenings. A.J. Cook hints at a lot of twists coming down the line.

Could Criminal Minds be about to validate the spirit world? Well, this is not The CW series Supernatural, so it seems a tad doubtful. As the crime procedural has demonstrated throughout its run, evil often takes tangible and all-too-human form.

It will be interesting to learn which side Criminal Minds comes down on. Many times, shows will leave the door open to the possibility that there is a supernatural element. It would not be surprising if Criminal Minds did the same. Whatever is in store, it sounds especially compelling because A.J. Cook said it is “interesting.”

That could mean any number of things are ahead on Criminal Minds. The show is heading towards its endgame, so it may be willing to take a chance with something super surprising.

Exploring the supernatural opens the door to various storyline possibilities. It also requires the writing to walk a thin line. If the “spirit” does something beyond the realm of human contribution, Criminal Minds will have settled on where it stands. Is it bad luck to be thrown across the room by a spirit, right before your wedding day?

Whether, Criminal Minds takes a “maybe?” approach to the supernatural, one thing is more certain. The show is heading toward the end of its penultimate season. Criminal Minds will wrap up its run with its fifteenth season. It will not do so without seizing on some happy times.

After teasing romance for Rossi earlier in the season, he will be getting married in the Season 14 finale. That episode is entitled “Truth or Dare.” It is still slightly foreboding, albeit nowhere near as ominous as the penultimate episode of Season 14.

Find out if the ghosts from the penultimate episode haunt Rossi’s wedding. Criminal Minds’ Season 14, Episode 14 airs Wednesday, January 30 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The season finale airs the following Wednesday, February 6. The crime drama is one of many shows that returned new during the midseason.

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Celebrities who've guest starred on 'Criminal Minds' – INSIDER

  • “Criminal Minds” is about to debut its 15th season.
  • There are lots of characters that come and go in each episode, and lots of those small roles have been played by familiar faces.
  • From Jane Lynch to Elle Fanning, these are some celebrities who have appeared on the show.
  • This post contains some spoilers for the show’s past seasons.

“Criminal Minds” is one of the longest running shows on television, according to Variety, and it’s preparing to debut its 15th and final season sometime this year. Over the course of the program’s 14 seasons, there have been countless victims and serial killers that it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the transgressions. But as with any hit show, certain characters stand out more than others, especially when they’re played by various celebrities.

Read on for a refresher on all the celebrity cameos in “Criminal Minds.”

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How Criminal Minds Introduced Its Final Season's Deadly Big Bad – Cinema Blend

20 hours ago

Though Criminal Minds may be heading for its 15th and final season later this year, fans shouldn’t go into it thinking that showrunner Erica Messer is slamming the brakes and slowing the action down for the crime drama’s swan song. For example, Season 14 isn’t even over yet, and Criminal Minds has already introduced viewers to the overarching big bad for the final batch of episodes: Everett Lynch. Here’s how the mild-monikered killer entered the story.

Rather than following along with the BAU team in real time, “Chameleon” was instead told via very recent flashback, with Joe Mantegna’s Rossi having a crisis of faith while relaying the sordid tale to his fiancée Krystall. You see, Rossi came about as close as he possibly could have to being one of Everett Lynch’s victims, and is currently living with the knowledge that he failed to keep himself safe.

Everett Lynch is played by Ozark and Sirens star Michael Mosley, who had quite a memorable run as a multi-season killer on Castle. This unsub has a habit of going to different towns and gaining the favor of young women, proposing to them, and then cutting off their faces. Naturally, he’s the kind of monster who likes to keep all that grisly skin around as a reminder of his heinous conquests. (Just like another highly disturbing Criminal Minds baddie.)

The episode’s title is indeed a reference to the big bad himself, as Lynch goes through full transformations during his transitions between victims. He’s going for different looks, different behaviors, different vocal patterns, and anything else that can make each personality stand apart from the others. That obviously means it’s quite a bit harder to track him down, and his twisted family members didn’t all make life easier for the Criminal Minds crimefighters.

His mother Roberta, a criminal herself, and is currently behind bars. (Seriously, how great would it be if Sharon Lawrence joined the show as a recurring cast member with Roberta?) From her intel, the team thought they had the jump on Lynch, but he actually had an upper hand all along and was aware of their impending arrival.

His daughter Grace, played by The Goldbergs‘ Alex Jennings, was implied to have been dead at one point in the ep, but it’s later revealed that she helped Lynch set a trap for the BAU agents. The homicidal apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I guess. Major disasters were thrwarted, with the latest victim getting saved, and Grace getting arrested. Which means the only person left to take down was Lynch himself, and then no more worries, right?

Unfortunately, Rossi proved to be a less formidable opponent for Lynch than expected. After a brief chase, Lynch was totally overpowering Rossi, pinning him down and choking him. Though Rossi said his main goal was to stop himself from passing out, for fear of not being allowed to wake up, he couldn’t help but fall unconscious. But despite delivering some minimal injuries, Lynch spared the supervisory agent’s life.

It’s very clear in the episode’s final minutes that Lynch also temporarily beat Rossi in the mental game, having completely taken away his confidence. Rossi considers himself inferior to Lynch in terms of speed, age and strength, which is pretty daunting. He gets a boost from Krystall, though, who reminds Rossi that if nothing else, his brainpower dwarfs whatever Lynch has going upstairs.

So rather than giving viewers a cat and mouse game defined by brute force and physical prowess, Criminal Minds will seemingly pit Rossi & Co. against its serial killer Lynch in a battle of the minds. Considering Season 15 is still quite a few months away – though it is being filmed currently – it’ll be interesting to see how the not-as-smart Lynch is still able to avoid capture for so long.

The episode, “Chameleon,” marked the directorial debut for actress A.J. Cook, who was only one of several Criminal Minds stars to step behind the camera this season. Unsurprisingly, Cook was pumped to be able to be able to introduce Everett Lynch in such a way. And she’d recently hinted to TVLine that the show’s final major big bad isn’t meant to be taken lightly.

What I can say is he is a very worthy opponent, and this guy is going to be a slippery bastard. [Laughs] He’s going to be hard to get. He’s definitely going to fall under the category of ‘most prolific serial killer on Criminal Minds.’ He is something else!

Now, fans may remember it wasn’t too long ago that Criminal Minds‘ 300th episode featured a killer who had murdered over 300 people, and that was thought to be the most prolific of all the show’s deadly deviants. Maybe he’ll get a little more help from daughter Grace and mother Roberta when Season 15 comes around.

With just two episodes left in Season 14, Criminal Minds airs Wednesday nights on CBS at 10:00 p.m. ET. Check out what all the former Criminal Minds stars are currently up to, and keep current with all the other new and returning shows hitting the midseason TV schedule.

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Criminal Minds: A.J. Cook's directorial debut features an unsub who rattles Rossi – Entertainment Weekly News


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