'Criminal Minds' Season 14 Episode 11 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Is the Show Inspiring Criminals? – EconoTimes

“Criminal Minds” Season 14 Episode 11 will be dealing with a child abduction case and have the BAU hunt down for whoever is responsible for the kidnapping. The team appears to be convinced that the disappearance is linked to a homicide that occurred the week before.

The crime involved the killing of a couple inside their own home. “Criminal Minds” Season 14 Episode 11 will certainly have hearts racing as kidnapping remains one of the most common crimes in the United States. According to the data obtained by the Department of Justice, of the 800,000 people that are missing annually, five percent of them fall below the age of 18.

With nothing more than footage from a surveillance video taken at a neighborhood park, the team will need to hasten their efforts to ensure the safety of the kids. Dealing with this sort of suspect is nothing new for the BAU as they specialize in capturing highly-intelligent criminals. Right now, it’s still uncertain whether or not the plot of “Criminal Minds” Season 14 Episode 11 is taken from a real case.

Showrunner Erica Messer said that most of the story seen in the show is inspired from cases of the FBI. Indeed, there were even instances where their writing would eerily mirror events unfolding in real life, way before the story airs. Messer also said that she isn’t worried that the show is inspiring other twisted individuals to commit horrific crimes, explaining that there are a lot of factors involved in the development of an offender’s actions. And with how “Criminal Minds” Season 14 Episode 11 is written, there’s no doubt that this narrative will rear its head once again.

There’s also an interesting quote that Messer injected in their previous release. “When you have a child, the world has a hostage,” the quote reads. It’s quite the chilling thought and it becomes more frightening the more you look at the statistics. This is why “Criminal Minds” Season 14 Episode 11 is quite an intriguing plot to follow. As for when it’s going to be released, the premiere of the second half of this installment has been slated for Jan. 2, 2019.

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Top court’s archive failure ‘dents private-sector confidence’ – South China Morning Post

The mysterious loss of a mountain of legal documents in a decade-long contract battle in China’s top court will erode the beleaguered private sector’s confidence in Beijing’s promises to protect the interests of businesspeople, a lawyer and entrepreneur said.

Veteran Chinese criminal lawyer Zhou Ze said the failure of the Supreme People’s Court to safeguard the documents would have a “chilling effect on all private businesspeople”.

The papers detailed a contract dispute between private firm Kechley Energy Investment headed by businessman Zhao Faqi, and the state-owned Xian Institute of Geological and Mineral Exploration.

Zhao launched legal action over ownership of a mine in Shaanxi province in northwest China in 2006, eventually winning his case in the supreme court in 2017.

The ruling was made despite the papers disappearing from the office of judge Wang Linqing in 2016.

But without the paperwork, the court has been unable to implement the ruling.

The loss only came to light last week after a series of posts on microblogging platform Weibo by prominent former television host Cui Yongyuan and a leaked video believed to be of Wang.

China’s supreme court forced to admit it lost key documents

In the video, the judge says two closed-circuit TV cameras in his office housing the documents were sabotaged.

“The cameras were just installed not long ago and there were two of them in my office. They can’t both be broken,” he says.

The court initially denied that it had lost the documents but its confirmation on the weekend that they had disappeared comes as Beijing has repeatedly tried to shore up confidence in the hard-hit private sector.

Why China’s private firms aren’t convinced the law will protect them

As the country’s economic growth as slowed in recent months, President Xi Jinping and other senior leaders of the ruling Communist Party have repeatedly vowed to protect the country’s private businesses and find new ways to help them.

Zhou said Zhao’s case was not isolated and would fuel scepticism of the central government’s support.

“A case like this will have a chilling effect on all private businesspeople, making them feel insecure in dealing with the government,” he said. “It makes people think that the government is naturally hostile to people who make their fortune fast.”

Is China suffocating the most vital part of its economy amid US trade war?

One of Zhao’s business acquaintances, who declined to be named for fear of retribution, said the loss of the documents had done great damage to the confidence of the country’s entrepreneurs.

“I feel that people are losing confidence,” the businessman said. “It is a court’s responsibility to follow the law … but they are not even doing that.”

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