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Action packed, complex and filled with memorable characters, “Criminal Minds” has been successful since it first aired back in 2005.

In celebration of the fact that it’s coming up on its final season, here are some of the most iconic moments from all the past seasons of the “Criminal Minds.”

1. Henry’s Birth

The birth of Jennifer Jareau’s first child was a monumental moment in the show, as now her newborn son has stolen the spotlight. It all starts from the Season 3, where Agent Jareau first discovers that she got pregnant by William LaMontagne, which resulted in a temporary leave from the BAU. Henry was born the following season, stealing hearts from the audience and Jaraeu’s fellow co-workers.

Throughout the seasons, Henry’s presence causes Jareau’s maternal instincts to kick in, as in a case with child poisoning in the episode “Amerithrax,” and being taken hostage and hospitalized in the episode “Run.” Despite such challenging situations, Henry’s presence created a wonderful shift in the plot of the show.

2. Haley’s Death

Haley Hotchner was formerly married to a hardheaded agent Aaron Hotchner. They separated during Season 3 when Aaron prioritized his work over his family, leading Haley to take their son Jack with her.

Haley’s death occurred during Season 5, in an episode titled “100,” and many longtime fans would agree that this is one of the most heartbreaking moments in the entire show. In this episode, Haley and Jack are being targeted by a serial killer George Foyet.

Foyet manipulates Haley by posing as a fake police officer over the phone, and then holds them hostage while talking to Aaron on the phone, who is racing against the clock, trying to get to them before it is too late. Unfortunately, Foyet shoots Haley in the neck as Jack hides upstairs, creating emotional chaos within the team of agents who are overhearing everything that is happening.

The reason this sequence of events was so memorable is because the audience witnessed the usually stoic Aaron Hotchner in tatters, clutching his ex-wife’s body and sobbing, an image that is hard to get out of the mind. Finally, Aaron safely secures Jack and manages to move on with his life, albeit shakily after these events.

3. Garcia Gets Shot

Everyone’s favorite quirky technical analyst Penelope Garcia has had her fair share of memorable moments on “Criminal Minds.” Usually, Garcia is not in the front lines alongside the other agents of the BAU; being the technical analyst, she works from behind the scenes back at the headquarters, getting the others information they need as fast as possible.

In the episode “Lucky,” an unsuspecting Garcia was shot by killer Jason Clark Battle, who managed to get close to the analyst by manipulating her to go on a date with him.

No one ever suspected Garcia to be a target for any of the criminals, as she usually never has a chance to interact with them given her position. To make matters even worse, she ended up being attacked again after being released from the hospital, proving that no one is truly safe in this business. However, to the audience’s relief, Garcia was able to take down the killer later on with the help of Agent Jareau.

4. The “Death” of Emily Prentiss

Agent Emily Prentiss was a bit of a newcomer to the show, but she still managed to fit right in given her skill on the field and knack for translations. Her determination to work alongside the BAU in their missions was noticed by the fellow workers, which is why her abrupt death in Season 6 was shocking for everyone.

To give a bit of background, the BAU had been warned that serial killer Ian Doyle had escaped from a North Korean prison, and was currently on the loose. Prentiss is warned that Doyle is coming after her, and takes as many necessary precautions as she can, including bugging her room and setting up booby traps around her home.

Unfortunately, Doyle manages to get his hands on her and keeps her hostage while recounting his horrible experiences in North Korea. What he doesn’t realize is that Prentiss has set up a ploy that has the BAU locked in on their location, and that they were on their way to save her. Enraged at the deception, Doyle attacks Prentiss, and in a scuffle manages to stab her in the stomach before escaping. The rest of the BAU are told that Prentiss did not survive the attack.

Having such a major character of “Criminal Minds” killed off like that was a huge blow to the fandom. However, it is revealed later on that Prentiss had faked the whole thing and was laying low in order to remain off of Doyle’s radar and to protect the rest of the BAU. Things were back in order, although it took some time to get there.

5. Agent Reid’s Addiction

Spencer Reid has had quite a few moments throughout the longtime series, between his socially awkward quips and his extreme intelligence. One of the most dire memories is that of Reid being held hostage by schizophrenic criminal Tobias Hankel.

This time, the criminal came up with a new torture: injecting with Dilaudid, which is a highly addictive drug that is usually used to treat severe pain. After being repeatedly injected, Reid developed an addiction to the drug. Drug addiction reached its highest level when, after Hankel was killed, Reid started going through his pockets for the remaining vials of the drug to pocket for himself.

Reid struggled with the addiction for a bit longer, often hiding in bathrooms and empty rooms to inject himself away from the others. However, it could not be hidden forever, and his fellow agents found out and encouraged him to get help. Reid was able to get clean after attending a support group, even going as far as to refuse certain types of painkillers to avoid the urge once more.

While the show is soon coming to an end, there will always be these moments that bring the fandom together to reminisce and look over. CBS is currently planning the filming for the 15th season of “Criminal Minds,” which is set to be released between 2019 and 2020.

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Why Wasn’t William H. Macy Named in the College Scam? – Vulture

Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy.
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Felicity Huffman was among dozens of boldfaced names implicated in a sprawling college admissions and testing scheme unveiled by federal prosecutors. According to the criminal complaint, the Desperate Housewives star paid a “purported charitable contribution of $15,000” to a nonprofit called Key Worldwide Foundation, which was actually meant “to participate in the college entrance exam cheating scheme on behalf of her oldest daughter.” (The court document alleges that Huffman also tried to use the same scam for her younger daughter, but ultimately decided not to.)

For her part in the racket, Huffman has been charged with felony conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. However, in the wake of the actress’s arrest, one wrinkle has emerged: Huffman is very famously married to fellow Oscar nominee William H. Macy, who also seems to have been embroiled in the scheme. The actor is not named in the complaint — he’s listed only as “spouse” — and unlike his wife, he has not been charged with a crime. Why did the long arm of the law only apprehend one half of Filliam H. Muffman?

Based on court documents, there seems to be little doubt that Macy was an active participant in the fraud. A cooperating witness, referred to as CW-1, allegedly met with Huffman and Macy at their Los Angeles home sometime before a December 2017 SAT exam. According to the complaint, this witness “explained, in substance, how the college entrance exam scheme worked.”

“According to CW-1, he advised Huffman and her spouse that he ‘controlled’ a testing center, and could arrange for a third party to purport to proctor their daughter’s SAT and secretly correct her answers afterwards. CW-1 has advised investigators that Huffman and her spouse agreed to the plan,” the document alleges.

The complaint also claims that Macy was on a December 12, 2018, call with Huffman and the cooperating witness to discuss their younger daughter possibly taking the SAT over a two-day period.

“Do we want two days?” Macy allegedly asked this witness, later saying, “She’ll score higher. Just her base score will be higher if we did it over two days.”

The Massachusetts U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to say why the Shameless actor isn’t facing charges. However, several legal experts talked to Vulture about why a spouse might not be charged in this type of situation.

“There are a couple of different possibilities. One of the possibilities is that the husband is far less culpable,” explained Rebecca Roiphe, a New York Law School professor and former prosecutor. “Maybe it’s possible that the government has far more evidence than it’s laid out here, and in this evidence, that Huffman played a far more significant role than her husband.”

Why was Macy kept (semi-)anonymous in the complaint? Roiphe explained that when a conspirator isn’t named, it could be evidence that they had cooperated with the investigation. Or prosecutors could simply not be ready to charge them yet. (On Tuesday afternoon, Macy turned up in court alongside his lawyer.)

Veteran criminal attorney Murray Richman expressed similar views.

“If there’s no active participation in the wrongdoing, the spouse will not be charged,” he explained. “Mere knowledge, even with the presence, does not constitute criminal conduct.”

“Or, if there is insufficient evidence to necessarily link that spouse to criminal [activity], they will not be charged if it’s mere allegations unsubstantiated with significant proof,” Richman said.

In this kind of situation, Richman said that if prosecutors mention a spouse, but don’t charge the spouse, he or she could still be “an unindicted co-conspirator.”

A former federal prosecutor also told Vulture that the alleged misconduct involving their second daughter might be too vague to bring charges against Macy.

“Just based on their conversation, there’s not enough proof to show he had any knowledge it was illegal,” he said. “Based only on the conversations, the second one, there is also an innocent explanation what he was saying and ultimately, they agree not to do it.”

As for whether the couple’s daughters (who are 19 and 17)  would be in legal jeopardy, the former prosecutor also said it would be unlikely for a minor to get charged in this type of scheme, especially “if the parent shields the child from what’s going on.”

“The standards and requirements for the Department of Justice to indict people under 18 are pretty high,” he said.

The couple’s joint publicist did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Huffman’s agent’s office also deferred a request for comment to the publicist.

In an interview with Parade in January, Macy called his daughter’s college admissions process “so stressful,” adding, “I am voting that once she gets accepted, she maybe takes a year off.”

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7 unforgettable leadership lessons from the ancient Roman conqueror Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

  • Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March over 2,000 years ago.
  • Caesar held a number of roles over the course of his career, serving as a high priest, general, and dictator.
  • His actions and assassination contributed to the downfall of the faltering Roman Republic.

Julius Caesar had a pretty bad day at work on March 15, 44 BCE. The dictator of Rome was lured to a meeting and stabbed to death by his coworkers.

He would’ve done well to beware the Ides of March.

Several years earlier, the politician and general had rose to power in a civil war. His assassination sparked yet another civil war that doomed the Roman Republic. The state ended up mutating into an empire, with Caesar’s adopted heir Octavian at the helm.

Today, Caesar is still considered one of the greatest military commanders in history. His name is also synonymous with cults of personality and political strongmen.

So how exactly did the one-time high priest of Jupiter accrue so much power during his lifetime?

Business Insider looked through some of his own writings — as well as the less-reliable but still interesting works of contemporary ancient writers — to get a sense of his leadership style.

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1. Presentation matters

The best leaders don’t just do amazing things — they know how to present a compelling story.

After a relatively brief war with a certain Pharnacles II of Pontus, Caesar had to sit down and write out a report to Rome detailing his conquest. According to both Greek biographer Plutarch and Roman historian Suetonius, the commander didn’t go into too much detail, writing simply: “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

The phrase proved so catchy that we still remember it, centuries later.

Caesar could have gone on and on about his military prowess (in fact, he was the author of several long military accounts). Instead, he realized that the simple note would convey the most powerful message.

2. Take risks

In ancient Rome, crossing the Rubicon River with an army was kind of a big deal. It was tantamount to a declaration of war and could be punishable by death.

When Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his legion, he put everything on the line. In “The Life of the Deified Julius,” Suetonius writes that Caesar quoted an Athenian playwright as he crossed the river, declaring “the die is cast.”

He risked it all and it paid off (in the short-term, at least).

3. There’s nothing wrong with starting small

Oftentimes, you’ve got to start out as a large fish in a small pond in order to succeed as a leader.

Caesar understood this. He managed to climb back into a position of power, even after losing his inheritance in a coup as a young man.

According to the ancient Plutarch’s “Parallel Lives,” the general also made a rather curious remark while passing through a small village in the Alps: “I assure you I had rather be the first man here than the second man in Rome.”

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