Matthew Gray Gubler, Star of 'Criminal Minds', Thanks Crew in New Video and Photo –

Matthew Gray Gubler expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew of Criminal Minds this week with posts on Twitter.

Gubler has played Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds for almost 15 years now, and the impending finale of the show is hitting him hard. The upcoming shortened season will be the show’s last, and as Gubler explained on Twitter this week, that means saying goodbye to people who are like family to him.

Gubler posted a video of himself arm-wrestling with a crew member at what appears to be a work party. He wears the typical dark suit and shaggy hair of his character, and looks to be at a pretty clear disadvantage in the fight. Predictably, it ends with him yelling as his arm goes steadily down.

Gubler ended the video with a Photoshopped tombstone with his own name on it. “Matthew Gray Gubler, 1980-2016,” it reads, with a funeral dirge playing in the background. “Good Man, Spaghetti Forearms.”

Gubler later shared a huge group photo, presumably encompassing the cast, crew and producers of the show. The main cast sat in the front on folding chairs while the people behind were gathered in a huge bunch, up a staircase and on a landing behind them. A few were even pictured on TVs and computer screens around the office space. Gubler captioned the photo with three red heart emojis.

Gubler later shared even more photos from behind the scenes of the show, and he will likely continue to do so for a while. Criminal Minds is ending its long run with a 10-episode season, which was shot back-to-back with Season 14. So far, CBS has not announced a premiere date for the last batch of episodes, but it is not on the fall 2019 schedule.

Season 14 wrapped up back in February, so chances are good that Season 15 is already finished. Now it is just a matter of when fans will get to see it, but for the cast and crew, the show is done. Season 14 was shortened to 15 episodes, ending the show’s streak of full season orders.


The show also stars actors like Paget Brewster, Aisha Tyler and Kirsten Vangness, among others. In the past, stars like Shemar Moore and Mandy Maptinkin have had long runs on the series. Gubler has outlasted all of them, starring in all 15 seasons of the show. In the end, he will be credited with 325 episodes.

The first 12 seasons of Criminal Minds are streaming now on Netflix. Check back here for the Season 15 release date on CBS.

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Amazon just won the battle over whether it can sell its controversial facial recognition technology to the government (AMZN)

Rekognition demo

  • Two shareholder proposals about Amazon’s controversial facial recognition technology were voted down at the company’s shareholder meeting on Wednesday.
  • One proposal would have prevented the Seattle tech giant from selling the software to government agencies.
  • The decision comes after civil rights advocates vocally opposed their opposition to government use of the technology.
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Two proposals concerning Amazon’s controversial facial recognition software failed to pass at the company’s shareholders meeting on Wednesday, according to reports from CNET and TechCrunch.

The first proposal would have prevented the Seattle tech giant from selling the software — called Rekognition — to the government, while the other would have required an independent human rights group to study the technology.

The decision marks a contentious turning point in a saga that put Amazon at odds with activist shareholders and civil rights groups, which have vocally opposed government use of facial recognition due to privacy concerns.

But with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos controlling a significant, though not a majority, stake in the company he founded and many large institutional shareholders holding similar voting rights as Bezos, it was a long shot that the proposals would pass. 

Rekognition, which Amazon launched in 2016, can identify people and objects in both videos and photos and has been used by government groups as well as media organizations. Amazon said the software has been used to rescue victims of human trafficking, for example, and Sky News used it to identify celebrities attending the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last year.

But the technology has been heavily criticized by civil rights groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union, which has raised concerns over Rekognition’s accuracy and its potential to be used for surveillance. Last July, the organization found that the facial recognition software incorrectly identified 28 members of Congress with images of people who had been arrested. Prior to Wednesday’s meeting, the ACLU published an open letter urging shareholders to back both proposals.

Amazon has said in a previous statement to Business Insider that it has been working with working with academics, researchers, customers, and lawmakers to balance the “benefits of facial recognition technology with the potential risks.”

The decision comes after Amazon unsuccessfully requested that the SEC block the proposals in January. The company is expected to share a filing with the final vote tally later this week.

Read more about the ongoing controversy regarding Amazon’s Rekognition software here.

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