A 'body positive' TikToker who runs a group for 'big beautiful women' sued 5 of them after they spoke out

Stefan Wilhelmy with members of his Pearadise community

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A TikTok influencer who runs a community and house devoted to “big beautiful women” is suing five people after they purportedly began speaking out on social media about what they said were their experiences with him. One woman alleged that she was touched inappropriately.

Stefan Wilhelmy, who goes by Pearadise1 on the app, posts videos for his 178,000 followers about his interest and celebration of plus-sized women.

He also runs a Discord chat server with hundreds of members centered around “body positivity.” Wilhelmy told Insider that he’s used the server to invite women to visit his Las Vegas, Nevada home, where he creates content with them that garners hundreds of thousands of views.

In recent weeks, numerous women have posted TikTok videos claiming they’ve had negative experiences with Wilhelmy. He responded in comments and Discord messages trying to defuse the situation. 

On June 30, Wilhelm filed a lawsuit against five of them women in the District Court of Clark County, Nevada, alleging “defamation, false light invasion of privacy, intentional interference with contractual relations, aiding and abetting, conspiracy, and intentional interference with prospective economic advantage.” Wilhelmy claims he “suffered significant reputational harm and harassment” as a result of social media testimonies from the women. 

The lawsuit asks for one million dollars in damages and an injunction keeping the women from publishing about Wilhelmy in the future.

The lawsuit used the defendants’ real names, but noted that some of the real names were “unknown.” 

Wilhelmy alleges that the women have been spreading misinformation about Pearadise online

Wilhelmy told Insider that he has been inviting “mostly overweight friends” to his Las Vegas home for parties and events since 2006, and opened his Discord community in July 2020. Users can apply to join his server but need to register with a copy of their ID in order to join. 

“It has always been my personal ideal to be and provide a real safe space where everyone can feel absolutely calm and safe and accepted and never in need to worry about nasty comments, shaming, flimsy and uncomfortable furniture or possibly embarrassing situations due to their size,” Wilhelmy told Insider. 


Beginning in May, Kimberly Ann Haueter started posting on her TikTok account, Piggy_Stardust, about Wilhelmy and Pearadise. In a TikTok video posted on Sunday, Haueter said that she had been part of the Discord community “since about February” and “had seen some red flags over the months.” In videos, Haueter, who’s named in the suit, claimed that Wilhelmy “uses the body positivity movement for his personal harem” and that his videos “fetishize bigger women rather than making them feel accepted and normalized.”  

A TikTok user who goes by Savvie posted 10 TikTok videos on her now-deleted Sleepthroat account, which was named in the lawsuit, on May 28, claiming that “a person” had “made her uncomfortable,” by grabbing her waist, rubbing her stomach, and “smacking” her butt without her permission.  In the videos, she said the alleged actions were sexual assault.

Alejandra (who asked Insider that her last name be withheld) said in a May 27th video that she went to “his house” and was “afraid to speak out.” Neither Savvie nor Alejandra mentioned Wilhelmy by name, but their accounts were mentioned in his lawsuit.


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“It’s ridiculous that he would sue us for what we are saying, because it is true,” Alejandra told Insider.

A TikTok user with the handle Monikaaahlv mentioned in the suit said in a video that the “allegations are true.” 

“There was never any sexual touch or skin contact while they were here, all just friendly group fun banter,” Wilhelmy told Insider. “A pile up of all of us on the bed (with clothes on), hugs, high fives, mutual shoulder massages between people, things like that.” 

Savvie and Monikaaahlv did not respond to a request for comment. 

The suit claims that Savvie and Alejandra “conspired with” Haueter “to damage plaintiffs’ reputations online.” It said that both Savvie and Alejandra had visited Wilhelmy’s home in early April and that they had sent “sexually charged texts” in March, which “impliedly consented to Wilhelmy touching them.” According to Nevada law, sexual assault requires “sexual penetration” without consent, with the suit saying “no such penetration ever occured.” 

“I am in litigation because Savy and Ally made statements that are false, egregious and intentionally using triggering language,” Wilhelmy said. “The allegations made are so serious, they perceived and reputation damaging right next to murder.” 

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