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“Criminal Minds: Beyond Boarders” season 2 is finally airing on March 8 at CBS. It will have 13 new episodes to love and one of the casts that is joining this season is Daniel Henney.
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The FBI team is finally back to business! “Criminal Minds: Beyond Boarders” season 2 will have its 13 new episodes for this season and ten of its titles had been announced already. The episode premiere will talk about the “Lost Souls.”

It will feature Unit Chief Jack Garett together with his international response team which they call the Tanzania. During this episode, 23 church group members will be missing and it is where the mystery begins, Heavy reported.

The second episode preview will center “Il Mostro” that will focus on these two casualties that resemble the M.O. of the most wanted killer in the Italian History. Further, the International Response Team will be called this time to have the case handled.

“The Devil’s Breath” is the title for the upcoming third episode of the season. During this episode, IRT will conduct an investigation of the mysterious suicide of an American who was in Columbia. One of the mysteries to be solved will be how such American emptied his bank account prior to his death.

On the other hand, the series will also include the participation of Daniel Henney among the casts. He will portray the character of Matt Simon in this season. He will be joining the members of the team who will be responsible for saving the lives of Americans since these people will face trouble in their own land, TV Fanatic reported.

Accordingly, the upcoming episodes for season 2 are very much intense. Definitely, the team will start it off with a bang on its premiere, Henney added. The first season made a great impact among audiences, and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Boarders” season 2 assures the viewers of keeping up what has been started on the first season.

“Criminal Minds: Beyond Boarders” season 2 airs Wednesday, on March 10. Its premiere time slot will be 10-11 pm ET/PT and it will be aired on CBS.

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