Criminal Minds Exclusive: A Bizarre Kidnapping Case Has the BAU Stumped – TV Guide

It’s another week, and that means another case for the BAU on Criminal Minds.

This time the team is heading to Virginia to tackle a bizarre kidnapping case that has seen four women disappear in the last five years. The satellite office wasn’t able to crack it, so now the big dogs are going in. The only problem is, the team seems stumped as well.

All four women were taken at night with none of their personal belongings. There also have been no bodies found, which means the unsub is keeping them all alive somewhere, “or he’s really good at permanent concealment.” Thanks for that bit of optimism, Prentiss!

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Since the episode is titled “The Bunker,” we’re going to hope that this Criminal Minds case ends up happier than most, but you never really know.

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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