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In this episode of Criminal Minds, titled “Blue Angel,” the BAU faces off against a killer who is attacking successful businessmen in Detroit. They’re led to an escort agency called Blue Angel International Social Club, but they find out that all may not be as it seems. As they hunt down this killer, more bodies continue to drop, and ultimately the team must rescue two victims before it’s too late.

Torture Tapes

It’s night, a car pulls up in a wooded area and stops. A hooded figure gets out of the car and breaks the chain to a creepy shed. Inside the shed, there is a bunch of torture equipment, cassette tapes, men’s ties, and more. The figure goes back out to the car, revealing a man tied up inside the trunk.

Cut to Matt Simmons waking up in bed. His wife gets ready for work nearby. She’s happy to share a bed with her husband after ten years of marriage; the two share an intimate moment. At the BAU office, Garcia, Luke, and Reid exit the elevator talking about ideas for Reid’s new seminar. Prentiss interrupts, the Detroit Police Department needs the BAU’s help.

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Detroit PD has found a victim hanging naked from a meat hook. They believe it is connected to another earlier murder, but can’t find any specific connections between the two victims themselves. Both victims had been emasculated and there was no blood found at the scene. Simmons suggests the team look into the mafia in Detroit since the display of the victims looks like cartel killings.

The unsub rematches a tape of the torture of the last victim. On the plane, the team thinks that the first victim is more likely than the second to have a mafia connection. Garcia jumps in and reveals high withdrawals from both of the men’s bank accounts.

In Detroit, Simmons, Reid, and Prentiss head to the police department where an officer Simmons knew when he was a rookie, is now a Captain. The police have a video of the second victim being tortured. The unsub castrates him and then lets him bleed to death. Two micro-cassette tapes (very old tech) were sent, one to each victim’s homes. Prentiss and Simmons talk to Mrs. Wyler (the wife of the second victim), who claims she doesn’t know about the bank records and leaves for the bathroom after being asked about them. Prentiss hypothesizes that both victims were using a high-end escort service and calls Garcia to confirm. 

The Blue Siren

Prentiss, Luke, Simmons, and J.J. discuss the qualities of the unsub: he’s confident, has expertise, and likely has had victims before. Garcia calls in revealing that she has found “Dasha” the escort talking to the two victims via a website called Blue Siren International Social Club. She was likely the last person to see the two men alive.

Meanwhile, the unsub has a new victim in the shed, he plays a tape of a man’s voice as he starts to torture the victim.

Luke and J.J. follow up on Blue Siren International and find that the location is a sorority house. One of the girls there says that “Dasha” is no longer a member of the club, while another is reluctant to talk. Eventually, they tell Luke and J.J. the name of “Dasha” is actually Kimberly Desmond.

Back at the station, Reid and the team look at the torture video and find that the unsub might be utilizing a cargo container. As they discuss, the police captain arrives to tell them a new victim has been found in a different location.

Prentiss and Simmons go to Kimberly’s house. She says she left Blue Siren to start her own site. Prentiss finds out that Phillip Sullivan is the name of the third victim; Kimberly knew him as well as the first two men. A third tape was also left.

The team postulates that the unsub could be related to Kimberly or a jealous lover. They decide to look into her family. At Kimberly’s house, Simmons is on guard duty. He talks to his wife and afterward, Kimberly tries to entice him into bed with her. J.J. and Luke talk to Kimberly’s mom, Janel. She says Kimberly’s father died of cancer when she was five years old, she has no siblings and no family in the area. They call Garcia for verification and she begins to look into the male members of the Desmond family.

At the police station, Reid finds an anomaly in the audio from the torture tapes. They clarify the sound and recognize it as an aircraft engine. Reid narrows down their search of airports to three local ones. Prentiss sends everyone out to divide and conquer. In the woods, the unsub pulls up in his car again and sees the FBI vehicles coming. He heads into the container, starts destroying everything, ultimately lighting the whole place on fire. 

The Truth About Kimberly Desmond

The team finds the torture location and the symbol of the mafia nearby. They think the unsub was a mafia enforcer, a sadist who started killing again after the mafia operation ended. Behind the container, they find the buried skull of a woman, who had been killed with a bullet to the back of the head. They believe this victim had to have been special to the unsub. Garcia calls the team and confirms that Kimberly has no male relatives on her dad’s side. What is weird, however, is that Kimberly has no birth certificate. And to make things even stranger, Kimberly’s mother, Janel, lied about her name on her marriage certificate. Rossi, Simmons, and Tara head to Janel’s house to talk to her, but find the door unlocked, signs of a struggle, and Janel missing. 

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At Kimberly’s house, she hears a noise and finds Agent Simmons gone, but a dying police officer on the floor. As she tries to call 911, she runs right into the unsub. Meanwhile, Garcia finds the female victim’s identity, a missing person named Cynthia, who turns out to be Kimberly’s real mother. Kimberly’s adopted mother Janel, was present at Kimberly’s birth and is really Kimberly’s father’s sister (Kimberly’s aunt). Kimberly’s father, Gabriel, the team learns, was just released from prison. They figure he went in search of his biological daughter and after learning about her escort services, started a form of “parental protection.” 

Kimberly wakes up in a strange house with Janel and then her father comes in. He’s holding them in their old home. The BAU team is afraid that Kimberly’s rejection of her father will unleash hell. Kimberly’s father tells her the truth about her past. He calls her a whore and says it’s his responsibility to take care of all the men who took advantage of his girl.

Back at the police station, Reid thinks that the last victim was placed in an area owned by the Mafia. Using that theory, he and Garcia find the location where Kimberly and Janel are being held. At that location, Janel confirms the truth to Kimberly, and when Kimberly tries to escape, Janel stabs her brother in the back. Kimberly manages to exit the house just as the FBI arrives. Simmons enters the house and finds Janel in the upstairs bedroom. He chases after Gabriel, who attacks him behind the house. Eventually, Simmons gets the better of Gabriel and he is arrested. Kimberly thanks Simmons. Back in DC, Simmons returns home to his sleeping wife and ecstatic four kids.

What did you think of this episode? Did you expect the unsub to be Kimberly’s father? What did you think of the glimpse into Matt Simmons’ personal life?

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