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Criminal Minds still has casting options for Season 13. Jane Lynch is open for a return. Shemar Moore is open to short visits, and even the cannibal portrayed by Jamie Kennedy is back, but what about Thomas Gibson?

Criminal Minds returns in just seven days, and #NoHotchNoWatch is planning a full force Twitter protest to that. With all this talk of people returning, there has been no mention of bringing back Thomas Gibson, or any sort of apology for the way Gibson and his fans were treated last season.

#NoHotchNoWatch is always highly offended by the continued use of Thomas Gibson’s catchphrase “Wheels Up.” Are Criminal Minds writers taunting Gibson fans when they titled the first episode of Criminal Minds Season 13 “Wheels Up”?

Criminal Minds can expect the continued protest from #NoHotchNoWatch who are holding a friendly game of “Guess the Premiere Ratings” for the first episode of Criminal Minds Season 13. With Criminal Minds now firmly embattled with former fans of the show, one has to question their strategy of alienating a strong segment of their fan base.

#NoHotchNoWatch leader Pheonix Rising tweeted this announcement.

“#NoHotchNoWatch ‘Guess the Premier [sic] Ratings’ Contest. 1st Prize is bragging rights that ‘You choose wisely’! :D”

Criminal Minds could perhaps claim that Season 12 was a publicity stunt, say it was all a big joke, and bring back Thomas Gibson. It would make no sense, but then neither has Criminal Minds‘ plot structure since the nearly simultaneous departure of Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson.

Thomas Gibson’s character Aaron Hotchner was central to the Criminal Minds plot. The absence of “Hotch” from Criminal Minds in Season 12 was pretty difficult to explain, but creating interesting plots without two major male characters was even harder.

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Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer says that the villainous Mr. Scratch will be captured in Season 13. If so, how will Criminal Minds writers explain Aaron Hotchner’s continued absence? Hotch is supposedly in the witness protection program because Mr. Scratch set his sights on Hotch’s son. If Scratch is caught, why wouldn’t Thomas Gibson come back as Hotch?

Other Criminal Minds cast members are returning, even the villains, so why won’t ABC and CBS bring back Thomas Gibson. They are running out of excuses, both in the plot line and in real life. Why they have allowed their ratings to fall, by firing one of their most popular stars and stubbornly sticking by their decision, remains a mystery.

Daniel Henney,Thomas Gibson, and Kirsten Vangsness
Daniel Henney, Thomas Gibson, and Kirsten Vangsness [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock and Richard Shotwell/AP Images]

Matthew Gray Gubler will be returning as Spencer Reid, and his mother, portrayed by Jane Lynch, could be back too. Jane wants to come back to Criminal Minds. Jane explained to TV Guide that she’d love to play Spencer’s mother this season.

“I would love to come back. She’s in a very interesting place right now. She’s suffering from Alzheimer’s but she has moments of perfect clarity. She and Matthew Gubler’s character have a very interesting, very complicated but very loving relationship. It’d be great to dive into that again.”

Will Criminal Minds‘ showrunner take Jane Lynch up on her generous offer? Can the show afford it, after shelling out extra pay for A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness? After all, Jane Lynch is a huge star. Still, Jane could be back.

A.J. Cook and Kirsten Vangsness are returning with a substantial raise, as JJ and Penelope, while Paget Brewster and Aisha Tyler round out the tight-knit feminine side as Emily and Tara.

Criminal MInds Cast 2006 with Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler
Criminal MInds Cast 2006 with Thomas Gibson, Shemar Moore, and Matthew Gray Gubler [Image by Mark Mainz/Getty Images]

Joe Mantegna and Adam Rodriguez return as Rossi and Luke, joined by Daniel Heney, the new guy for Criminal Minds Season 13.

Shemar Moore is set to do a few cameos for Criminal Minds Season 13. Showrunner Erika Messer told TV Guide that Shemar Moore’s visits will be short.

“Realistically he’s a very busy guy on a new show [S.W.A.T.], so I wouldn’t expect a whole heck of a lot. Our finale last year had him probably more than we’d give him this year just for logistical purposes.”

Is Thomas Gibson ever coming back to Criminal Minds? That is unknown, but without Gibson, Criminal Minds has lost a large segment of their core fan base.


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Criminal Minds‘ fan base can only be whole again with the return of Thomas Gibson, but so far CBS and ABC remain unmoved.

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