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“Criminal Minds” season 13 is set to premiere on September 27 with an episode titled “Wheels Up.” What excites fans even more for the new season is the news that the psychotic cannibalistic killer Floyd Feylinn Ferell will be back to haunt the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) once again.

Actor Jamie Kennedy will reprise the character that was first seen in the third season of “Criminal Minds” reports TV Guide. He crossed paths with the BAU after a woman he killed was found stuffed with the fingers from his other victims, who all happened to be prostitutes.

Floyd next abducted another woman which prompted the BAU to organize a search party. Unknown to them, the serial killer joined them in the search. In order to throw everybody off, he kidnapped another woman. Floyd then killed the first woman and served her flesh in a stew he cooked for the members of the search party.

Floyd was known back then in “Criminal Minds” as having a homemade cookbook with recipes for cannibals like “Skewered She” and “Kobe Girl Steak.” The walls of his basement were covered in writing and pentagrams on Satanism and Black Paintings images. He was eventually committed to a mental institution.

EP Erica Messer teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Floyd might be getting out of the institution in “Criminal Minds” Season 13. He may be released for showing good behavior and responding to his medication. Messer indicated that being a patient at the mental institution for 10 years may or may not make Floyd eligible to get out.

With him back, it will give the returning BAU member Morgan (Shemar Moore) a chance to shine since he was instrumental in bringing the psychotic serial killer before. The upcoming season of “Criminal Minds” promises to be intense and will lead the team into a cannibalistic adventure. The season premiere is on September 27, Wednesday, on CBS.

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