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It won’t be long before the premiere of Criminal Minds Season 13 and fans will finally get to see the exciting drama and action that’s bound to happen in the series. The Season 12 cliffhanger finale left everyone on the edge of their seats and now more bits of spoilers have surfaced leading to the most anticipated premiere, titled “Wheels Up.”

It’s been established that viewers will get to see more of Daniel Henney’s Agent Matt Simmons in Criminal Minds Season 13. Promo trailers have revealed that Henney will make his debut as a series regular in the premiere episode. Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) has contacted Simmons from International Response Team to join the Behavioral Analysis Unit in the mission to apprehend Mr. Scratch and, at the same time, save the agents whose fate has yet to be revealed after that car crash from Season 12.

In the sneak peek from the premiere episode, Garcia is seen frantically pacing back and forth as she tries to reach Prentiss’ (Paget Brewster) phone, which then went straight to voicemail. She now begins to worry even more and just then, Simmons arrives to assure Garcia that they will find the missing agents.

On the way to find the rest of the team, Garcia anxiously calls for backup but the person on the other line asks too many questions as part of a “protocol.” Suddenly, Simmons steps on the break as he realizes there is a spike strip in the middle of the road and just ahead are two wrecked vehicles. Garcia realizes she not only needs backup but also “lots of medical.”

Criminal Minds Season 13 premieres on Sept. 27
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As seen in the preview, Prentiss ends up in the hospital while the fate of the others has yet to be revealed. It is speculated that the BAU will lose one of their own. As previously reported, speculation is rife that Damon Gupton’s Stephen Walker will die in the premiere. It has been announced that Gupton will leave Criminal Minds as part of a creative change in the show.

Meanwhile, everyone still wants to know what will happen to Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) after Cat Adams (Aubrey Plaza) managed to play with his psyche. Will the beloved intelligent Dr. Spencer Reid return? Trailers have shown that Reid is back in the field and it’s safe to assume that he is reinstated, according to BuddyTV.

Fans can find out more about their favorite Criminal Minds characters as the series returns on Wednesday, Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. ET.

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