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Facebook/CriminalMindsScratch is going down in the next season of “Criminal Minds.”

Mr. Scratch (Bodhi Elfman) may finally be put in jail in the upcoming season of “Criminal Minds.”

Adam Rodriguez, who plays Luke Alvez in the CBS series, hinted to TV Guide that the time has come for the Behavioral Analysis Unit to capture the serial killer. In season 11, Scratch managed to escape from prison and has been targeting the BAU members and their families ever since. In the previous installment, he went after Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and his mother, Diana (Jane Lynch). Due to the criminal’s brilliant scheme, he sent Reid to prison and tormented him by abducting his sick mom. Rodriguez said there is a possibility that Scratch could fall for the BAU’s trap this time around.

To capture Scratch, the BAU needs to find a good strategy that will not alert the criminal of their move. Since Reid was his last target, it is probable that the team will use him as bait to lure the serial killer out of his lair. Scratch will not be able to resist Reid. He enjoyed playing with him in season 12. The only question is if Reid will allow himself to be used to take down one of his biggest nightmares. It has been teased that the FBI agent is far from being well. He needs therapy after everything he went through in the hands of the enemy.

Meanwhile, spoilers indicate that the new installment will be the hardest for Chief Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster). It has been revealed that a member or two of the BAU could die from the terrible accident that happened in the last finale. The members had no time to escape the speeding truck. Prentiss’ leadership will be tested as she is expected to encourage her team to continue with life after losing someone dear.

Brewster also previously spoke about how they handle things when co-stars exit the show.

“It’s always hard when someone is gone, whether by choice or not by their choice… but you roll with it. … You can’t not miss the people who are gone,” Brewster said during the San Diego Comic-Con.

When she delved deeper into the subject, Brewster mentioned an earlier moment where she had replaced Thomas Gibson on the show. She added: “The con was the situation in which it happened, which was Thomas Gibson no longer being with the show. That was unfortunate.”

“Criminal Minds” season 13 will premiere on Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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