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The Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is all set to take on puzzling assignments once again when “Criminal Minds” Season 13 premieres. In addition, the team headed by Chief Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) will also have to grapple with the loss of some team members.

It can be recalled that in the cliffhanger of last season’s finale, the car with some of the team’s members was about to be run over and crushed by a speeding truck. It has been hinted by Prentiss in an interview with TV Line that the first episode of “Criminal Minds” Season 13 will reveal who survived the horrible crash and who did not.

It will be a test of leadership for Prentiss as the leader of the BAU according to a previous Music Times. She has to lead the team in moving on from the grief of losing some of its members. It will not be easy since the team has spent years working together.

Brewster said in the interview of co-stars leaving the show, “It’s always hard when someone is gone, whether by choice or not by their choice… but you roll with it. … You can’t not miss the people who are gone.” She herself replaced former lead actor Thomas Gibson after an unfortunate event led to his dismissal.

One character who will definitely come back in “Criminal Minds” Season 13 is the show’s ultimate villain, Mr. Scratch. He has been the thorn in the BAU’s side for several seasons now and will continue to be so, it seems. Last season, he made life hell for Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and his sick mother Diana (Jane Lynch).

Scratch was also made the reason why Hotch (Thomas Gibson) had to resign from the BAU. He had to enter the witness protection program to protect his son from the serial killer. For “Criminal Minds” Season 13, Scratch will reportedly have another character from the BAU to torment. Who the dangerous criminal’s next victim will be is one of the highlights of the upcoming season.

Who will survive last season’s cliffhanger? Find out when the first episode of “Criminal Minds” Season 13 airs on September 27 on CBS.

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