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Criminal Minds had several rounds of cast shakeups and executive producer Erica Messer weighed in on their decision to let Damon Gupton go. Although Thomas Gibson’s departure happened almost a year ago, fans are still protesting the network’s decision, arguing that Hotch is a major fixture on the show.

Controversial Decisions

Back in May, when the Season 12 finale ended with a massive car accident, Criminal Minds boss Erica Messer hoped all the members of the cast will be back for Season 13. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case as the CBS police procedural gets rocked by another departure. Damon Gupton was let go, and in his place, Criminal Minds Beyond Borders actor Daniel Henney will step in. Agent Stephen Walker, who joined in the middle of Season 12, would be out of the canvas, and Messer has thoughtful words to say given the shakeups in the cast members of Criminal Minds.

In an interview, Messer admitted, “it was a difficult decision.” She added that these decisions were not made “quickly or anything like that. Everything was a thoughtful decision.”

After Beyond Borders was canceled, Messer and the studio executives were already considering Henney’s addition to Criminal Minds. Even during the initial discussions, Messer admitted they knew adding another member in the cast means letting someone go, although it is not an easy thing to do. Ultimately, they made up their minds to add Henney and let Guptom leave, adding that “it’s up to us to tell the stories and have them make sense.”

Criminal Minds Season 13 Spoilers

Criminal Minds Season 13 premiere will address the aftermath of the SUV pile-up accident, and given the current situation behind the scenes, Gupton’s exit will be staged. The season opener will also introduce Simmons from Beyond Borders who will join the team after the unit he was with collapsed due to a scandal.

As for what awaits Spencer Reid in the upcoming season, Criminal Minds Season 13 spoilers from TVLine reveal that there are going to be changes in the man’s character. Messer revealed that the show is not going to pretend Reid’s incarceration never happened. Reid went through a major crisis, and while the show will not dwell on his experience, his character is going to reveal “shades of how he changed.” Messer also noted that some of his innocence is gone, but the change is for the better. Dr. Reid will be “the best of all worlds there.”

Criminal Minds Season 13 will be back on CBS on Sept. 27, Wednesday, at 10 p.m.

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