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  • Criminal Minds is ending in 2020.
  • Actress Paget Brewster already has another show lined up.
  • She’ll guest star on Mom for at least two episodes.

    We don’t need to remind you that Criminal Minds is ending. If you’re a true fan, you already know that the CBS show will air its finale in 2020, meaning we’ll have to say goodbye to Rossi, Reid, J.J., Garcia and the rest of the BAU.

    Nothing can quite replace the crime drama on our TV screens, but we did just discover a silver lining that may make you feel better. Paget Brewster, who plays Emily Prentiss, signed on to appear on another CBS series.

    prentiss criminal minds

    Cheers to Prentiss’s new gig!

    Cliff Lipson

    Its subject matter isn’t anywhere close to Criminal Minds. In fact, Paget’s next role is on the comedy Mom, which also stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney. According to TVLine, Paget will appear on at least two episodes, and has even already filmed one.

    “I guested on an episode of [Mom] last night,” she wrote in a Tweet in August. “And everyone was so welcoming, hilarious, and kind.”

    Paget’s character, though, doesn’t quite sound like she’s any of those things. She will reportedly play Veronica Stone, the boss to Anna’s Christy. She’s apparently very “demanding” and will likely butt heads with Christy. The episode is likely to air on October 10, so clear your calendars now.

    Nothing can fully replace the Criminal Minds-shaped hole in our hearts, but it’s at least a little comforting to know we can cope the same way we did when Shemar Moore left—by watching the actors’ other shows on repeat.

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