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Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game will stay true to the show that serves as its inspiration as much as possible. Developer FX Games is taking accuracy very seriously in the upcoming game, and hired on writers from the Criminal Minds television series to serve as consultants while working on the title, ensuring that the stories it tells will be consistent with what fans might expect to see on a given season of the show.

Criminal Minds just wrapped up its fourteenth season on television, and has already been renewed for a fifteenth and final season as well. While the cast has shifted significantly over the course of its life cycle, Criminal Minds has remained adamant in keeping the same formula that won people over to its earliest iterations, preserving an elite team of specialists who deal with the grisly and disturbing serial killers.


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Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game will follow that formula as well, and in a new video released by FTX Games, the extent to which the studio will go to do so becomes painfully obvious: two of the show’s writers were heavily involved in consulting on the game, and offered their insight into how it has been designed. Stephanie Birkitt and Erica Meredith sat down to discuss what they felt were the strongest parts of Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game, with Meredith notably identifying an early mission she feels is done exceptionally well:

“It was fascinating. The way it unfolds in the game is just like it does in the show and I was flipping the pages going ‘what’s going to be the real reason behind all of this? Who is this person?’ And there’s something about the way it’s brought to life in the game that’s very effective.”


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The duo also note that they are big fans of the way FTX Games has crafted the mobile avatars that will serve as the representations of popular Criminal Minds characters. According to them, the studio has worked hard to get even the movements down right, noting that long-time fans will observe how some of the characters react and gesture and realize it’s exactly what the character would do in that situation as well. The trailer also shows off a bit of gameplay from the game, showing discussions between characters, procedural gameplay, and the way the game will set the scene of its cases with troubling glimpses into the murders as they happen.


Not many mobile games can boast the level of involvement that Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game has with the property it’s based off of. It’s clear that this is a labor of love for FTX Games, and if it’s good enough for the writers behind the hit show, then the game’s narrative is likely going to be a major selling point when it releases. Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game looks like it could occupy a niche spot in the mobile game market that not many have tried to crack into yet, and if all of the game’s elements are approached with the same care as the writing, FTX Games and CBS could have found yet another winning formula for the world of Criminal Minds.


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