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Criminal Minds this week had a case involving a young prostitute who was kidnapped by a serial killer after attempting to escape and find help. As the team searches for her whereabouts, they find out she is a strong woman who could talk her way into anything and work to find her before she is killed.

While they work, the team discovers the unsub has more victims than they originally anticipated. Once they find the first victim, they become closer in finding the perpetrator.

Meanwhile the victim, Cheryl “Cherry” Rollins, works to keep herself alive by trying to identify with her kidnapper. As she begins to figure out what to say to try and save her own life, she prolongs every second she has in captivity.

In a personal moment for one character, Reid finds out that things with his mother are not getting better. It begins to take a toll on his emotions and breaks down to both JJ and Emily.

As well as working the case, the team is also preparing for a new team member. They are hoping this new agent will be another key in stopping Mr. Scratch once and for all.

This episode dealt with a lot for our team and it is only a matter of time before we see how they come together as one. We will have to wait for January for more episodes but until then, check out the top moments from “Scarecrow.”



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