Escort wasn't the 'brains' behind spending of $5.8 million with exec's credit card, lawyer says – Chicago Tribune

The former escort under investigation for allegedly using $5.8 million from a suburban company to fund a lavish lifestyle with the help of a client-turned-boyfriend is upset at his attempts to portray her as “the brains behind this operation,” the woman’s lawyer said Friday.

The Tribune this week reported that the woman, Crystal Lundberg, and Scott Kennedy, a onetime executive who has been fired from the firm, are the focus of a federal probe into their use of his former employer’s funds. A court filing lays out the pair’s wild spending, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel and luxury goods, and about $24,000 for movers to haul Lundberg’s potted plants from Illinois to her new 6,500-square-foot mansion in San Diego, where she planned to open a spa with company cash.

Kennedy, 43, worked as a top financial official at Nemera, a drug-delivery device company in Buffalo Grove, when he met Lundberg, 31, through, a site that advertises sexual services. Kennedy first gave Lundberg access to a company credit card in November 2015 after she asked for help buying Christmas gifts for her daughters, an FBI affidavit alleged.

Kennedy this week told the Tribune he was “stupid” and shouldn’t have trusted Lundberg, but her California-based attorney, Marc Carlos, fired back Friday, telling the newspaper that Kennedy is responsible for the fraud.

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