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Wasser is one of the most respected divorce lawyers in the business, and Klein's star is on the rise. The two recently represented Mom star Anna Faris in her split from Chris Pratt and also have advised A-listers including Johnny Depp, Rob Kardashian and Jennifer Garner. Klein says she has seen an increase in couples who are collaborating in their divorces, but she's also seeing a troubling trend: more requests for domestic violence restraining orders. “It was never a big part of the practice in our firm, but it has become increasingly prevalent,” Klein says. Meanwhile, Wasser says another challenge is the backlogged court system. “If you have somebody on the other side who really is not interested in resolving things amicably, you run into a situation where you’re waiting downtown all day, charging your client large amounts per hour to just sit around,” she says. “And sometimes you get sent home because the judge doesn't have time for your case."

Biggest negotiation pet peeve 

Klein: "Bullies — physical bullies or verbal bullies. I just think it’s so unprofessional, frankly, and it doesn’t accomplish anything. I think it’s unfortunate, actually, that there are people practicing out there who still think that it’s a good negotiation tactic."

Wasser: "Ultimatums."

Favorite part of the holiday season

Klein: "White lights everywhere — it’s beautiful and can make the ugliest tree on the planet look beautiful — and I love that it gives families time to be together and slow down."

Wasser: "In my profession, things actually do calm down. Not that many people are raring to get divorced between Thanksgiving and New Year's. So I actually do get a little bit of downtime and travel with my kids, which is great."

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