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And the award for a character in a show that has the most haircuts goes to…

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m obsessed with watching Criminal Minds.

No really, I can’t stop watching it. Every night I’ll think to myself “Hmm, I should watch something different tonight. It’s the holidays! I could totally watch a Christmas movie!” *proceeds to binge Criminal Minds all night until I pass out*

Since I’ve been watching it so much, I have noticed that Spencer Reid has had quite an evolution of hairstyles through the show and I have opinions. In fact, I’m going to rate them from best to worst because some of these…ain’t it.


“The Internet Is Forever” — Season 5, Episode 22


Coming in at the actual worst is this mop of a hairdo. What even is this? He looks like he’s trying to relive his teen dreams of being in a boy band and it’s just.. I can’t.

Even Hotch is like “What is the thing on his head? Did that pass security?”


“A Thousand Suns” — Season 10, Episode 3


Emo Spence? No thanks. Honestly, I’m impressed he can get his hair to do so many different things at once. The side-swept emo bangs, the flipped hair in the back, and the unruly tousled look really brings it all together.


“Plain Sight” — Season 1, Episode 4


Albeit more professional looking for his job, this is giving me some creepy vibes that just make me ~uncomfy~. He looks like he’d fix your computer, but then stalk you on social media for the next month.


“Catching Out” — Season 4, Episode 5


Maybe it’s the angle; maybe it’s a badly done mullet. Who knows, but this layered cut just looks awful. However, I am liking the longer length on him.


“With Friends Like These” — Season 6, Episode 19


Come someone please give me the number of his hair stylist for the show? What exactly is happening here?

No, really. Someone explain the bed head:


“Taboo” — Season 12, Episode 3


It’s a no from me, thanks. Typically I love him in his cardigans, but the combo of this style and his haircut screams “mom at a grocery store” to me.


“Fatal” — Season 9, Episode 22


Is anyone else getting Karen vibes from this look? It can’t just be me. It’s kinda cute, kinda not.


“Safe Haven” — Season 6, Episode 5


Wowow, okay. Surprisingly I’m digging this short look on him. Things are looking up for Spency. He looks like he’d buy you a drink at the bar and then ignore you for the rest of the night. *swoon*


“Charm and Harm” — Season 1, Episode 20


Ooo yes, I really love this length and when he tucks it behind his ears like he means ~business~. I’ll give ya business. *nudge*


“Inner Beauty” — Season 11, Episode 20


If you ever need to explain to your hair stylist that you want a cute bob with beachy waves, just show them this picture because it’s literally that. So cute.


“Painless” — Season 7, Episode 4


Ah, a normal short haircut without weird bed hair. Absolutely loving this cut on Spencer.


“Children of the Dark” — Season 3, Episode 4


Okay, I think I’m simping for long hair Spence. It just works so well with his body frame and facial features.


“The Crossing” — Season 3, Episode 18


I feel like this look could use a bit of layers, but actually think it looks really good on him. I’m digging it, Spence.


“The Eyes Have It” — Season 5, Episode 6


Mhm yes, definitely loving the long hair on him. It just ~works~.


“Aftermath” — Season 2, Episode 5


*Ahem* Hi. This is just *chef’s kiss*. Maybe it’s the hair or the glasses, or that smize, but it’s all working for him. Definitely an 8/10 for me.


“Omnivore” — Season 4, Episode 18


Yas, yas, yasss. I live for this look. Not too long that it falls flat, but not too short that is does that hair flip thingy.

And finally…


“Red Light” — Season 12, Episode 22 — aka *The Winner*


Coming in first place, right before the show ends is this magnificent mop that has graced upon Spencer Reid’s brilliant cranium. Gaze upon these luscious locks as they lay so perfectly tousled around his head.

And the facial hair. *faints*


Season 12 Episode 22 “Red Light” *The Winner*

Thank you Criminal Minds for ending the show with the one thing I truly needed from this series. Spencer Reid with this hairstyle.


Season 12 Episode 22 “Red Light” *The Winner*

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