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Criminal Minds first aired in 2005 on CBS and it didn’t take long for the show to gain a cult following. One of the main reasons viewers found themselves fascinated with Criminal Minds had a lot to do with the unique characters.

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Who wouldn’t adore the loveable Penelope Garcia and all her bejeweled, fuzzy-pen glory? Who wouldn’t want to give Spencer Reid a ten-minute long hug? And who in their right minds wouldn’t love to hear the words “Baby Girl” being said by Derek Morgan over and over again? So without further ado, let’s place these characters into their Myers-Briggs® personality types. Shall we?

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8 Derek Morgan – ESTP

Derek Morgan is played by hunky actor Shemar Moore. When Moore isn’t portraying the role of the smooth FBI agent, he is busy starring in movies and TV shows such as S.W.A.T and The Bounce Back. Criminal Minds is a show that gets extremely dark, yet when Morgan is around to flash a smile or a “baby girl” our way, everything seems to feel okay again.

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Morgan is known for being the doorbuster of the group, always being the first one to take physical action in order to catch an unsub. He’s playful, suave, and extremely charming. These qualities make him the perfect ESTP.

7 Jason Gideon – INFJ

Jason Gideon is played by well-known actor Mandy Patinkin. Patinkin is known for his roles in shows and movies such as Homeland and The Princess Bride. He left the show early on due to the fact that the violence of Criminal Minds was too disturbing for him. Although Patinkin’s character wasn’t on for as long as fans would have liked, he still was able to leave a big impression.

Gideon is a gentle soul with great care for the world around him. He gives the impression of being a counselor to the rest of the group, a person that the other team members feel as though they can confide in. He is introspective, empathetic, sensitive, and selfless.  All of these traits point to Gideon being an INFJ.


6 Penelope Garcia – ENFP

Penelope Garcia is played brilliantly by actress Kirsten Vangsness. Vangsness has starred in a number of plays including The Book of Liz and Perfuct. Penelope Garcia brings color, animation, and humor to Criminal Minds. Adding a sense of light-heartedness and whimsy is extremely necessary on a show that centers around sadists, rapists, and murderers. Because of Garcia’s colorful nature, she is one of the most beloved characters on the show.

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Garcia is creative, warm, energetic, and friendly. There is a certain quirky pep to her that reads like a classic ENFP.  Fans agree that her energy and artistic flair make Criminal Minds unforgettable. She truly is a fruit loop in a bowl of cheerios.

5 Spencer Reid – INFP

Spencer Reid is played gorgeously by actor Matthew Gray Gubler. Gubler is known for starring in movies that include 500 Days of Summer and Alvin and the Chipmunks. Oh, and he also loves doing magic tricks and lives in a ‘haunted treehouse’. You know. The usual.

Now before you roll your eyes at the screen while muttering to yourself about how Spencer Reid is OBVIOUSLY an INTP, let’s just take a moment to consider otherwise. Yes, Spencer Reid is one of the most intelligent characters in television history, but just because he is a brilliant thinker doesn’t automatically make him a “T”. Reid, out of all characters, is the most emotionally invested in the cases.

Rather than seeing all of the unsubs as killer monsters, Reid digs deeper in an attempt to understand them as human beings. He is open-minded and wants so badly to believe in the good of all people- even the criminals. His values come before everything, including his career. This has been shown many times when he somehow is able to empathize with the criminals and cannot complete certain violent tasks that he is required to for the sake of his career. His compassion for all those around him and his emotional intelligence leads us to believe he is an INFP.



JJ, a.k.a Jennifer Jareau is played by actress A.J Cook.  She has had roles in films such as Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides and Wer.

JJ is observant, logical, and supportive. She isn’t the most energetic of the bunch, but she is very friendly and reliable. She seems to have all the traits of an ISFJ.

3 Emily Prentiss – ENFJ

Emily Prentiss is played by Paget Brewster. Brewster has appeared on popular TV shows such as Modern Family and Friends.

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Prentiss is a passionate team member with excellent communication skills. Her ability to bring out the best in others leads us to believe she is most likely an ENFJ.


2 David Rossi -ENTJ

David Rossi is played by Joe Mantegna. Mantegna is a successful actor who has taken on roles in classics such as The Godfather Part III and The Money Pit.

Rossi is constantly on his feet and always ready to play by the book. He is drawn to all the challenges the team faces and is able to work without the risk of putting too much emotion into each case. Rossi can’t stand the idea of not having work to do which is apparent when he is given vacation days and he is uncomfortable with the downtime. He is stubborn while at the same time charismatic. He is a clear ENTJ.

1 Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner – ISTJ

Hotch is played by Thomas Gibson. Gibson has taken on roles on TV shows such as Chicago Hope and Dharma & Greg.

Hotch is so ISTJ it hurts. He is the most focused of the group, constantly playing by the rules. Reid even claims that he has never seen Hotch blink once because he is so serious. Try to imagine Hotch cracking a joke. Just try. Yet despite his strict nature, Hotch is loyal, protective, and will always work for the greater good.

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