Mexicans poured into the streets this weekend to protest Trump, but he's not the only one they're mad at

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Mexicans poured into the streets on Sunday to protest US President Donald Trump, after months of verbal taunts and, in recent weeks, openly hostile policies.

About 20,000 people marched in Mexico City, and thousands turned out in Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Morelia.

The day of marches, held under the name “Vibra Mexico,” was organized by 70 civic groups, universities, and nongovernmental organizations, who framed the march as nonpartisan.

While many protesters came out to protest Trump, some directed their ire at both Trump and the failings of the Mexican government.

Others on the streets on Sunday were rallying in support of their own president, Enrique Peña Nieto, in the face of Trump’s broadsides.

Below, you can see some photos of the protesters who poured into Mexico’s streets.

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Televisa, Mexico’s main broadcaster, launched a pro-march ad campaign, but many Mexicans needed little prompting. Trump’s promises of tough trade and immigration policies have many worried about Latin America’s second-largest economy.

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Marchers were seen with signs and piñatas comparing Trump to Hitler, with some shouting “No wall!” Others shouted “Peña out!” The Mexican president has seen his approval ratings drop below 20% in recent weeks.

Source: Business Insider, Reuters

Trump’s “discriminatory and protectionist actions against Mexico will seriously affect our economy and threaten the rights and security of Mexicans here and there,” Vibra Mexico organizers said, referring to Trump’s plans to crack down on immigration, renegotiate the NAFTA trade deal, and construct a wall on the US-Mexico border.

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