More Than 25% Of People Wish This Criminal Minds Character Never Left The Show – Looper

If you’re even a casual fan of Criminal Minds, you already know that there are a number of reasons why Morgan took the top spot in our poll. The first is the simple fact that Morgan was introduced on the very first episode of the series and stuck around for 11 consecutive seasons. Out of all the possible choices, he’s the one fans spent the most time getting to know before he left the show.

However, longevity isn’t the only thing that put Morgan over the top. When viewers did get to know Morgan, they often liked what they saw. His friendship with fellow BAU team member Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) is seen by many fans of the show as a platonic ideal. There’s also his dark and troubling backstory, which likely contributed to fans feeling sympathetic for him. There’s also the fact that Morgan is a smooth talker who often has great chemistry and banter with his fellow agents. Whether or not he’s your #1 BAU crush, it’s hard to deny his charms.

Even though Derek Morgan was on Criminal Minds for 11 long seasons, for some fans, it still wasn’t enough.

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