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Within the tight-knit team, protectiveness is a well-loved trait that’s the basis for many fan-favorite Spencer scenes, but it’s JJ’s particular brand of motherly fury that makes this episode stand out. On Reddit, user RealBittyKitty started a thread about the scene, writing, “Can we talk about Mama Bear JJ? I’m watching the season 7 finale and loving how Jennifer kicks Izzy’s absolute A** for endangering her son. Ugh. Amazing.”

Fans commented in agreement, adoring how JJ fights for Henry’s safety. For user chippypip, the scene resonated on a physical level, as they commented, “I just watched that episode today! I had this weird feeling in my stomach, like I could feel the amount of rage and parental protectiveness JJ was feeling at that moment. Intense in an amazing way.” User Ok_Detective_8446 admitted to actually cheering her on, as if they weren’t watching a television show and JJ’s could actually hear the encouragement.

This episode showcases JJ’s motherly side like no other, as she declares to Rossi (Joe Mantegna) that she’s a mother before a federal agent (a balance with which all the parents on the team struggle). User AngelDoee3 posited that Cook’s own feelings fueled the intensity of the scene because it’s her own son (Mekhai Andersen) playing Henry. Even though Cook knew the danger wasn’t real, the fear of losing Mekhai must have been seriously good fuel for acting the part. As far as the fans are concerned — that authenticity shows.

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