The morbid reason Criminal Minds fans check their homes – Looper

“I’m constantly wondering what victomology would say about me,” user Jayyyrabbit wrote on October 23, 2020. “Like do you ever wonder what the team would deduce from your hand writing, or job, or the way you decorate your apartment, or the lack of food in the fridge? Reid would be like she painted her room green which tells us that…. or based on the lack of family photos we know she….”

They continued, “I wonder what they would say about my hobbies or the way I live. The psychology behind decisions that I don’t even think about. Not obvious stuff like all of the mirrors in my place aren’t smashed … but like I said my tiny handwriting, my lack of photos, my apartment is colorful but I wear alot of black. I wanna know what they think it all means lol.”

Responses to the post ranged from various forms of “omg yes!” to spec scripts featuring Doctor Spencer Reid describing the users’ homes. In a particularly glass-is-half-empty reply, one user wrote “honestly after watching American Murder on Netflix, NOW i’m the most paranoid that like, If I got murdered my family would allow a documentary to be made and they’d use all my private messages and unflattering photos,” prompting others to share that they’ve made pacts with their families to ensure that they’ll provide documentarians with flattering pictures if they ever mysteriously vanish.

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