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The Centers for Disease Control turns to the BAU for help in Criminal Minds season 13 episode 20 when they suspect bioterrorism is behind a series of mysterious deaths in Virginia.

Also in “All You Can Eat,” Garcia heads home to San Francisco and visits her stepbrother, Carlos, to take care of a difficult family issue.

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Watch the promo for “All You Can Eat”:

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Find out why Garcia’s heading to California:

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First of all, don’t go near the refrigerator in the BAU’s kitchen area (and it has nothing to do with the case.)

J.J. confirms that Garcia’s still headed to California; her mind is made up. As she and Rossi explain to Simmons, Garcia’s flying to San Francisco for a parole hearing. When she was 18, her mother and stepfather were killed by a drunk driver. He got 25 years for vehicular homicide and has been behind bars for the last 20. She’s not giving a victim impact statement, but one of her brothers is. Garcia has never gone to one of the hearings before.

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Get a sneak peek of the case:

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Last night, 45-year-old Clayton Osborne died after spontaneously bleeding out; he lost nearly 50% of his total blood volume. A day earlier, 35-year-old Serena Logan also died from massive blood loss. What could have caused this? Tara suggests a viral hemorrhagic fever (like Ebola) or exposure to a type of chemical.

Since the CDC has called them, they can’t rule out bioterrorism. Luke wonders if the UnSub weaponized some sort of virus, bacteria or toxin. They don’t know if the victims inhaled, ingested or handled whatever killed them.

Rossi can understand why the CDC is nervous: Clayton was a civilian analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency. (Serena was a loan officer at a bank.) Were these two victims targeted or just random?

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