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The agents aren’t going to have it easy when it comes to the case and the people who can help them in this episode of Criminal Minds. Two members of a conspiracy group in Roswell, New Mexico die in quick succession, and the group isn’t exactly going to be eager to help the FBI.

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Watch the promo for “False Flag”:

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Check out a sneak peek of the profile:

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The UnSub is a male, most likely in his 20s based on the two victims so far, though age is the most difficult variable to predict. The profile is a guide only, Prentiss stresses, and one of the deductions they have made is that the UnSub knew his victims personally. That’s why the team is delivering the profile to a group of conspiracy theorists: they also knew the victims.

However, these people aren’t exactly jumping to help stop a killer hiding amongst them. Instead, one of them is more interested in asking Rossi about his last book. JJ does try to steer the conversation back to the matter at hand, even making sure not to call them conspiracy theorists because they don’t like that term, but all she ends up doing is, in one of their minds’, confirm one of their theories.

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