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Criminal Minds has aired its fall finale episode and will not be back until 2019. But when? When will does Criminal Minds return in 2019?

That’s it for Criminal Minds. The series will not be back until 2019 after airing its fall finale episode on Wednesday. It finished on a high as with an episode that connected all the way back to Season 3 of the CBS series. So when does Criminal Minds return in 2019?

Well the good news everyone is it won’t be long until the BAU is back. CBS has already announced when their shows will return in 2019, and Criminal Minds was on the list of announcements they made.

According to the official press release by CBS. Criminal Minds will be back in 2019 on Wednesday, Jan. 2. The show will return at its usual time of 10:00 p.m. EST.

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Returning with the episode “Night Lights.” The BAU will be jetting off to Portland, Oregon, where they are needed to investigate an abduction. One that could be chillingly connected to a local couple, who were killed in their very own home no more than a week earlier from when the abduction took place.

Will the BAU be able to help? Probably. They always do after all, but it will still be great entertainment watching them crack their very next case.

There is still no news on the Season 15 front. It’s still very early days for a renewal announcement to be made anyway. So we’re not expecting anything anytime soon, and if we were to go off what occurred last year, it might not be until after the full season airs that we learn if Season 15 is a go or not.

Doubt is hanging in the air over if Season 15 will happen. Some believe that Season 14 only took place because episode 300 was on the horizon. Now, with the milestone passed. It would not be a surprise if the series was canceled shortly after its return in 2019.

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Are you looking forward to Criminal Minds returning in 2019? Do you think it will be given the Season 15 nod? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.

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