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There are fewer things more fascinating to true crime fans than uncovering the motivations behind a crime. It’s why series like Criminal Minds and Mindhunter have achieved such massive popularity. And for fans of psychology and criminal profiling, there is a new show coming to Netflix to satisfy that itch. Inside the Criminal Mind premieres on Netflix on Friday, Aug. 31, and will only scratch the surface of the subject of notorious criminals. So will Inside the Criminal Mind return for a second season?

Netflix has yet to announce whether the new series is renewed for another season, but based on the success of the streaming service’s other true crime programming, it would be surprising if the show didn’t return. Mindhunter, a fictional portrayal of the FBI’s development of a criminal profiling unit, is one of Netflix’s most talked about original shows. Since Inside the Criminal Mind is a docuseries that similarly explores the psychological profiles of some of history’s most notorious criminals, it is likely to share in some of the popularity achieved by Mindhunter.

The show will explore the psyches of some of the most violent criminals in history, and will feature commentary from "some of the world’s leading psychological experts," according to Popsugar. Based on the trailer, it appears that the show will tackle the profiles of all different types of criminal masterminds, from serial killers like John Wayne Gacy, to murderous cult leaders like Charles Manson, to mobsters like Al Capone. Psychologists will dive into what makes these criminals tick, what motivates their behavior, and what drives their criminal activities.


Inside the Criminal Mind is far from the only new true crime show Netflix has in the works. The service recently announced the production of a docuseries called Story of a Crime, an anthology series that will have a more international bent, per ComingSoon.net. In September, Netflix will release First and Last, a different kind of crime docuseries which records a series of inmates on their very first and very last days in prison. And of course, the highly anticipated second season of the true crime parody show, American Vandal, is set to premiere on Sept. 14, tackling a new and equally ridiculous crime spree at a Catholic high school. True crime fans may be insatiable, but we can also laugh at ourselves.


And it’s a good thing that American Vandal will be around to provide some laughter, because it seems as though Inside the Criminal Mind will be anything but light viewing. Diving into the psyches of some of the most notorious criminals in history will no doubt be fascinating, but it also has the potential to be incredibly chilling. After all, getting into the minds of people like Jeffery Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy is not exactly a great way to unwind after a long day at work… for most people, anyway.

So while Inside the Criminal Mind has yet to be officially renewed, it seems likely that the series could be back for a second season. After all, as long as there have been serial killers, cult leaders, and mob bosses, there have been people fascinated by them… you only need to look at the true crime selection on Netflix for evidence.

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